Fathers Day Worx Aero Cart – Giveaway


Worx usually comes out with some pretty cool tools. The Aerocart is the ultimate garden tool. In typical WORX fashion it does multiple things well. It is a hand truck, lifting device and a wheel barrow all in one. Your father will be to coolest dad on the block with one of these.

To enter you need to:
Like Tools in Action on Facebook
Like Worx on Facebook.

Winner will be chosen on Fathers day 2014


  1. Thanks to Worx for hooking TIA up for another Father Day giveaway. I got a 20v Worx GT 2.0 last year and its been awesome. Even though I have the Ego 56v blower and hedge trimmer I won’t replace my Worx GT 2.0 anytime soon that things been awesome to me it feed string easy, edges well, and runs for a long time.

    This Worx Aerocart looks pretty cool for someone like me that doesn’t have a lot of extra space like Eric. I like that it takes the place of a wheelbarrow and handcart. I have a wheelbarrow that I use occasionally, but it takes up so much room in my garage for something that gets so little use. I also like the fact that it uses leverage to make the load lighter on your back. It’s cool that it can do so many different things with all of the attachments like the sling and cylinder rack.

  2. All you married guys and single guys with girlfriends NOW ya can wheel your women
    all over town. Unless you are a little guy and your gal is big gal than she can wheel you.

  3. Dan–Is there a technical reason why we can’t just “like” you and the manufacturer (Worx) by posting our comments on this site? I don’t use social media, but I do visit this site regularly to read your reviews. According to the statement at the end of article, to enter I have to go to Facebook to make my liking of this site and Worx tools known to the world. Why is that critical to this process? Thanks.

    • Hi Steve, This is a promotion and we would like to promote our Facebook page and Worx’s Facebook page. By you making known to the world you like us, you are helping promote us. In turn you have the chance to win a Aerocart. That is our way of thanking you for liking and helping us out. That being said you are still entered in our Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway. I hate Facebook too lol

  4. Guys are these out in the market already? I need a wheel cart for around the house purposes & I’m really intrigued. The best part is its multi-purpose cart. I like it, but cash will be an issue if its out of reach, but hey Fathers Day is coming. Laters TIA

  5. While I know my gardening guy will love this cart, I NEED IT. It would make my outdoor work way easier. I liked both on Facebook.

  6. Thank you for your demo and stamp of approval on the Worx Aerocart. I am a 62-year-old widow with a big pile of dirt to spread around in the backyard and the thoughts of doing it with a wheelbarrow were quite daunting. I know this is something my husband would have rushed out and purchased to add to his arsenal of tools and gadgets.

  7. I liked both the Tools In Action & Worx Tools Facebook pages as instructed to enter…I sure do hope I win, I have a herniated disc in my lower back & this cart/wheelbarrow would be a serious life saver for me, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed lol

  8. I like you both on Facebook! This would allow me to be a little more helpful around the house with my nerve damage in my back! I feel so useless at times…and love how it makes it seem light!

  9. Sure could use this around the yard.. I have a bad back and from what I saw on the video this will help save my back with all it can do. I can’t do as much as I used to do. I also have Lymphoma so my energy level isn’t what it used to be and I can’t lift and do what I used to. This will make everything so much easier for me for working in my garden, trimming bushes, and hauling mulch around. Thanks for making something like this that can do so many things.

  10. Great video guys! Very informative and this looks like something that I would have a lot for around the house and garden,especially helping to transport flower planters and I love the feature of having a bench too. Fingers crossed!


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