Ego 56V Lawnmower Cut Report


Out of all the battery mowers we used, this was by far my favorite.  Not only does it bag and mulch, but you can side discharge, only if you roll that way.  I am the hillbilly that lets his grass get long, so I was worried about battery operated mowers really working.  One thing I can tell you is this 56V mower goes through some deep stuff.  It doesn’t push the grass over, it actually cuts the grass and does a great job.

The idea that it folds up nicely, makes it perfect for storing when not in use.  I never used the LED lights, but I still love that feature.  Also, I never really tested the 45 minute run time as it doesn’t take me that long to mow.  One huge thing I noticed is I don’t have to mow slow with this mower, I can just walk at my regular speed, which is key.  I love the one handle depth adjustment and also how quiet the mower is.

Okay the downsides.  First, as I always say with Ego, I love the line, but they are new to the market, so there aren’t any long term reviews.  So we will keep you up to date on this and their other tools in the line up.  The handle does take some time getting use to, well not really, but I tend to like straight handles where this has a different set up, probably due to the fact that it folds up nicely.  I do wish the mower came with another battery to prevent any down time for those who might take longer than 45 minutes.

Bottom line is if you want a battery operated mower, this is it.  The quality seems like it’s there.  The handle is solid and doesn’t seem cheap like some of the other mowers we used.  The best items about this mower is it cuts through tall grass without any problems and the other tools in the line up are just as good as this mower.



  1. Out of all the push mowers you guys reviewed the EGO is my favorite. I’m interested to see how it holds up for you.

  2. I have the Ego blower and Hedge trimmer and they are impressive tools!!! Only wish I didn’t have to spend the money to replace tools that broke!!! I like some Ryobi tools but their lawn tools didn’t last very long and it was the plastic parts that failed the impeller just shattered on the blower, and the D handle broke on the Hedge trimmer.

  3. I’m really interested in this yard system. My mower died & trying to repair it & the nice thing about this system I can upgrade gradually to the other tools. I still need them to come down in price or see how they hold up. This product is still fairly new.

    I also agree with Jason about the Ryobi yard tools. We took my brothers 40v hedger back to HD because the battery slide plastic section broke while inserting the battery. He has also returned a few others & replaced for new ones. His collection of Ryobi 40v tools is impresive, weed wip, chainsaw, trimmer, his garage is florencent yellow. Hurts the eyes.

    The best part of these tools is that they do not use gas or tied to an electrical cord. Laters TIA

  4. I recently bought the mower with pride and now look even better while mowing. It turns heads.

    While light it is amazingly solid with little to no rattle and a charge time that is probably equal to running out to a gas station with a can. The true genius here for me is its compactness for storage.
    Would recommend to anyone outside of my own neighborhood. I want to stay special:)


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