DEXPAN – Destroys Concrete and Rock by Expansion


I took the day off today to go shooting but I wanted to make sure some of you got your daily dose of Tools in Action.  Check out this stuff we found on YouTube.  It expands and breaks up concrete or rock.  Drill holes, pour and wait 24hrs.  This would be a fun to try on  Erics driveway.


  1. Holy crap that stuff is evil!! That’s one way too get revenge on a horrible neighbor!! I saw in this weeks tool talk video you have the TIA clubhouse up for sale!!

  2. Dan–Neat stuff to see. DEXPAN is an expansive grout, which is used to expand and crack concrete to aid in its removal. This brand (and others available) can be used on old concrete, cutting down on the amount of effort and equipment needed to break it up. I had heard of expansive grout at work (I was employed at a Government concrete testing lab in Denver), but had not seen it in action. It is expensive to use, but effective when used sparingly on a project. Obviously, you need to follow directions in HOW you use it, so that you don’t blow out walls and other nearby structural elements. Thanks for making the video available.

  3. I feel sorry for your driveway Eric, lol. This stuff is awesome, and depending on the cost, would probably be much better than a sledgehammer alone. Good stuff!


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