DCL061 18V / 20V MAX* Cordless / Corded LED Worklight


A few years ago all you had for a light was some crappy incandescent light that pivoted up and down. They sucked battery juice like it was going out of style.  LED technology has really improved in tool lights the past few years.  They run cooler, have better battery life and are starting to replace even halogen work lights.  Milwaukee started the trend of these new lights and DeWALT recently hit home with the DCL050 light.

Now they have released the DCL061 a 1500 lumen light that can be powered by a multiple of sources.  18V XRP, 20V MAX and even AC power are all viable power sources for this light.  The design of the light is a bit out of the norm , it is designed to lay flat and shine the light up.  When you need to shine the light down you can stand it up although I don’t think it is designed for that as it doesn’t sit level with a 20V battery installed.  Runtime is roughly 2.5 hours with a 4.0ah battery.

20v light

I found myself using it more in the up position when I was doing a wood floor project.  The light is really bright and has a good natural color temperature of 6100k.  To turn on the light you just rotate the side dial, it clicks on and also rotates the light.  There is only one high setting.  Overall it is a great light with the exception of the way it stands up, although it does have some holes on the back to hang it from a nail.  DeWALT covers this light with a 3 year warranty.


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  1. I just bought the Milwaukee 18V LED light. IMOP the Milwaukee is more versicle plus it has high and low features. Dewalt looks like they rushed this product out.

  2. I think Dewalt could have done a better job with the battery situation. I don’t like how the 20v battery sits out like that. It’s nice that it is dual pack compatible, but it sucks the people with the newer tech kind of got screwed.

  3. Fellas, I really like this light. When I fisrt saw it demo’d at a DeWalt event at Lowes they had it on flat ground & not standing up. I also like that its compatiable with the 18v line. I still have several tools in that platform & glad Dewalt is looking out for us as well. I see using this light when the sun goes down & can’t call it it day just becauseit got dark. I believe its powerful enough to light a nice size area (like it did on the back of your casa). I will also have the option to use any DeWalt battery I have on hand, 18v or my 20v, this is really cool. From the video it looked like the install of the floor this light did well to light a big area. I would not use it to point directly at the work area, but have it flat so not to blind me. The price is not bad for a worklight for DeWalt quality. Its hand held brother is cheaper, but both have different work appplications. I also love my hand held light, it goes well with the 12v light, which I also love.

    On a side note. Why don’t you guys post your Tool Talk videos on the internet site? I’m glad they are back. Laters TIA


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