DeWALT 5.0 Go-Cart – I want It!

5.0 golf cart

In promoting their new 5.0 Ah battery DeWALT commissioned a racing go-cart to show off their runtime.  The cart looks like it does 80 mph but only does about 10 MPH with the DeWALT drill installed.  This gives me an idea, a cart may be in the works for the Tools In Action team.  Let us know what you think.


  1. I would love to see you guys build this. I seen this video a few months ago. Dewalt did have the part 1 video on their channel where they just built the go cart;but they took it down. If you look at the other drill in the video you can tell that it is a Bosch 18volt brushed drill. I wounded how it would have matched up if dewalt would have use a brushless EC Bosch drill ; because dewalt used a XR brushless drill on their go cart.

  2. I want the Milwaukee fuel powered 4 wheeler powered by 4 Milwaukee 2763-20 high torque impact wenchs and make it an off terrain race this time!! The hard pack would be ins getting all four of the motors to work together new would need an Arduino specialist to handle all that power train engineering !!! I had the time and resources thing that would be a cool project to see. The remote control cooler was pretty cool but a fuel powered quad would be epic!!


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