Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

With the relaunch of the Craftsman Tool brand last year, we were able to travel to Baltimore for the Craftsman Launch Event and got a first look at what the brand was really going to bring to the table. There was a huge lineup of new power tools, cordless technology, and outdoor power equipment. One of the things that stood out to me though, was the storage options. Craftsman has a wide range of options and lines to choose from. The one that stood out to me the most was the 3000 Series. It seemed to bring unique features and high-quality materials together all without breaking a budget, something I think Craftsman as a whole has done with their new launches. Today we look at one of the products in this line in the Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review Overview

I think everyone has a Craftsman Tool Story, and likely it involved hand tools and the very iconic red handheld toolbox. For me, Craftsman is a brand near and dear to my heart, as it is easy to see the vision of their future echoed in their past. Stanley Black and Decker have big plans for this tool line, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this line grow bigger than ever before. I have previously reviewed the Craftsman VersaTrack which offers a unique tool storage solution from Craftsman, as well we’ve taken a look at several other Craftsman Tools since the launch like the Cordless Miter Saw and the V20 Drill and Driver. Overall, they’ve made a great impression and offer great features for a wide range of users.

Tool Storage is a hot topic, something everyone has mixed opinions on, but for me, Tool Chests are the ultimate way to store tools. With locks, mobility and new features like power strips and upgraded surfaces, it is hard to find anything negative to say. Craftsman has always been known as a brand that has manufactured incredible tool storage options. With Stanley Black and Decker taking the reigns it is no surprise they put a lot of importance on tool storage. Let’s see what makes this chest a standout.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review Features

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

The 3000 Series tool chest, model CMST26380RB is a large tool chest measuring in at 63 inches wide, and 37 inches tall. This model contains 21,034 total cubic inches of storage. 18-gauge steel using an I-Frame Construction provides an incredible weight capacity of 3000 lbs for the chest.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest ReviewCraftsman provided a lot of style to this series, with recessed drawer fronts and bold black and red colors that modernize the Craftsman iconic color scheme. The tools chests are all made in the USA using Global materials and offer a 10-year limited warranty.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

A solid wood top provides workspace and is sealed to prevent stains. The top is also removable for the user’s customization.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

A keyed interlocking system provides security of your tools.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

Six six-inch casters, four of which swivel providing easy movement of the chest, and two casters feature locks so you can be assured your chest stays put.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

This tool chest features eight drawers in a variety of sizes to hold tools of all sizes.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

Each drawer features ball bearing drawer with a soft close latch to prevent slamming and ensure your drawers fully close. The top, full-width drawer, as well as the deeper 10-inch drawer, is rated for 200 lbs capacity while the remaining drawers can support 120-lbs.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

Each drawer has a non-slip insert to help your tools stay stationary and organized.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

The sides of this chest both have handles to assist in movement.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

Craftsman integrated pegboard style panels on both sides of the chest for additional storage of tools.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review

The right side of the chest has a power strip with 6-AC outlets and 2-USB outlets for easy charging.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review Performance

I knew from the moment I saw this tool chest, that it would eventually have a place in my shop. It is all around an incredibly well-made tool chest. Reinforced joint and 18-gauge steel make it feel strong and sure, not an ounce of flimsy feeling to it. Having six large casters versus the standard four also lend itself to being a very solid chest that moves well without being unstable. Comparing it to most commercially available tool chests, this one is a huge step up features wise.

The aesthetics of this tool chest are incredible. The recessed drawer fronts and stellar color combination give this chest a very modern and sleek appearance. The wood top pairs well with the clean lines of this chest, giving both function and versatility as it is removable. The soft close drawers are a nice upgrade on a tool chest, and the slides are well set for smooth open and close operation. The drawers hold an incredible amount of weight, something you will appreciate if you are storing heavy tools. As well, there is a great balance of drawer sizes and depth, giving you excellent versatility in storage options.

The sides of the tool chest offer some unique features as well. The integrated peg board area gives you extra storage without sticking past the borders of the chest. Having a handle on both sides of the chest is also helpful in moving this tool chest. An integrated power strip provides both standard powers as well as USB ports for charging your electronics. These small touches are the things that really make this tool chest something special.

While this particular line stood out to me at the Craftsman Launch Event, there is a wide range of storage options from Craftsman. There are not only several sizes and configurations within each series, but also multiple series that have different feature sets depending on your needs and budget. Overall, this Craftsman Tool Chest is an excellent garage storage option with features that are hard to top.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review Value

This Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest is one of Craftsman’s higher-end models. This particular model, the CMST26380RB is available from Lowes for $949.00. To some, this will seem on the high side, but for its size, this is actually very price competitive. There is a massive amount of storage and this chest is feature packed. The overall quality and feature set make this tool chest a good bang for your buck.

Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest Review Final Thoughts

The Craftsman 3000 Series Tool Chest is an excellent option in tool storage. The quality of materials and this chest’s overall build are exceptional. Craftsman has brought a wide range of storage options to the market, with this being their top of the line offering. Craftsman did an excellent job blending utility and function with style and unique features all users will love. Craftsman has brought a lot of homeowner tools to the market that crosses over into the professional category as well, and this tool chest is certainly a great example of that.

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craftsman-3000-series-tool-chest-reviewCraftsman Tools is slated for a big comeback. Their tool chest line is a prime example of just how they intend to remind their customers that they are here to stay. The 3000 Series from Craftsman combines classic style with upgraded features like soft close drawers and a solid wood top. Pegboard paneled sides, integrated power strip lined drawers make convenience king on this chest. The six casters and double handles provide excellent mobility as well. Craftsman did an amazing job on their 3000 Series Tool Chest and is sure to make a fan out of just about anyone.


  1. Hi Sarah – great website and great input! I agree that the 3000 series is pretty awesome but the Lowe’s out here in NY does not seem to carry it anymore. Do you know if this is being discontinued?!?

  2. As far as I know the 3000 series only comes in 3 sizes, 41 inch top and bottom, which I own, a 53 top and bottom , and the 63 bottom no top, they are actually made by Craftsman and Waterloo, they(Waterloo) make the boxes for Craftsman, DeWalt, and Stanley. Very nice boxes, gorgeous to look at and for the prices compared to the big tool trucks it can’t be beat, but I wish they had a locker shelf to match or a side box.

  3. Any idea why they drawers that have single slides but have holes beneath the slide indicating it could of had two per side. This would make a good drawer really great.

    I also wish they had lockers for their boxes.


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