Craftsman VersaTrack Review

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

Garage storage is something I think will always be at a premium. Now, I am one of those people with a three car garage, but I still park in the driveway. For me, my garage is my workshop, as well as storage for all my outdoor power equipment. Not only does my garage serve as my workspace, but it’s also a place I go to explore ideas I have. My creativity is at its best in the shop, so it’s important to keep it organized so I am able to relax and focus on the task at hand. I am a huge believer that everything should have a place, and the shop is no exception. Craftsman VersaTrack is a product that serves a lot of uses for homeowners who need storage and organizational solutions in their garage or shop. Let’s take a deeper look at this option in the Craftsman VersaTrack Review.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review Overview

In August we visited Baltimore for the Craftsman Launch Event. This was a pretty neat experience as I think most everyone has a memory involving their iconic red tool boxes or the hand tools. I know for me, Craftsman was a staple in my home growing up, so it was exciting to see their plans for the relaunch of the brand under the Stanley Black and Decker name.

There were a few products that stood out to me as we toured the plethora of new or redesigned tools. Their OPE lineup shows a lot of promise with options from mowers to chainsaws, and their hand tools seem to have the same Craftsman quality I remember from my childhood and have some upgraded features to boot. The biggest stand out though? Definitely the tool storage options. VersaTrack was among the storage and organization options Craftsman had there, as well as a plethora of tool chests and boxes.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review Features

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

The Craftsman VersaTrack starter set comes equipped with two 48-inch tracks As well as an assortment of accessories for different tool hanging.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

The tracks can be mounted into drywall, studs, or masonry. The tracks can support 75 pounds of weight per linear foot. Their full measurement is 48 inches long, 5.5 inches high and 1 inch deep.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

The tracks can be stacked, mounted individually and also include a groove in the top and bottom of the track for pegboard installation.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

The starter set includes four end caps to finish the tracks.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

This set includes a variety of hooks to provide options for the user. All of the hooks features all metal construction with a foam coated hook for increased grip.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

One long general purpose hook.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

One Outdoor Power Equipment Hook

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

Two Short General Purpose Hooks.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

Two Curved Pivot Hooks.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review

Additionally, the hooks have the HOOKTITE latching system which provides a simple locking mechanism to keep the hooks securely in place.

This set also includes eight snap-in hooks for additional storage of smaller items.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review Performance

When looking for a quick storage solution that isn’t overly tedious or involved the Craftsman VersaTrack is a good option. The VersaTrack system is fairly simple but genius for organizing a small number of tools. Frequently like hammers and screwdrivers, as well as things like cords, are a great fit for storing on the VersaTrack. My biggest thought with the VersaTrack system though comes from its ability to successfully arrange outdoor power equipment easily and efficiently.

The quality of the materials is much better than I originally anticipated. This system is made of heavy-duty plastic and supports quite a bit of weight for a track system. I liked that the heavy duty hooks had a non-slip rubber coating as well as a locking mechanism for securing the hooks after needed adjustments. Overall, you could really make a lot of headway in organizing your tools especially OPE tools like trimmers, blowers, and the like on a system like this. Keeping your tools on a wall and not piled up in the garage where they can be damaged and tripped on is a huge plus.

Installation is quite simple and the system can be mounted in several different materials. I appreciate this versatility as I could also see using the VersaTrack in other areas. I did find it strange that the system did not include any instructions for installation or mounting hardware. After a bit of research, I could easily find a general idea on how to best mount it. I mounted this system directly into studs using 2-1/2 inch standard mounting screws. I did countersink the screws slightly to prevent any interruption in the tracks. While I would have liked detailed instructions included, it was fairly easy to figure out and very easy to do.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review Value

The Craftsman VersaTrack system we reviewed is a 48-piece set with two four-foot tracks and the hooks described. This set rings in at $69.00 and is available from Lowes. To me, this isn’t a bad price for the quality it has. For users needing more substantial organization combining it with pegboards is probably the way to go to keep costs down. There are a lot of similar systems out there but for the intended use I think there is a lot of value in this system.

Craftsman VersaTrack Review Final Thoughts

For homeowners looking to add a bit of organization to their garage, The Craftsman VersaTrack is a system to consider. I appreciate the heavy duty hooks, simple installation and the option to expand the system if need be. With durable materials and the ability to hold quite a bit of weight, there is a lot of potential to organize quite a few tools with this system.



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