Sunex Hand Tools Review

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Hand Tools are often times the pinnacle of a tool chest. Power Tools have taken over a lot of functions but there are still those things where a hand tool is needed and preferred to get a job done. Sunex is best known for its Impact Sockets, and their tool storage is another product we looked at recently. Today we dive into another Sunex classic, their Hand Tools. Let’s take a look at some of these in the Sunex Hand Tools Review.

Sunex Hand Tools Review Overview

Sunex Tools has a lot to offer in terms of tools for the Automotive industry. The Sunex story is as all American as you can imagine. It started with the desire to take the options available, and make them even better. Over forty years later, they continue to innovate and push the limits with unique features that keep making classic tools even better.

Sunex Hand Tools Review Features

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Today we are looking at several Sunex Staples, a Combination Screwdriver Set, an Adjustable Wrench Set, a Multipurpose Plier Set, and a Mini Ratchet and Bit Set.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Combination Screwdriver Set, item 1120SS, features several unique features that set them apart from other screwdrivers.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Vapor Blasted tip enhances durability, paired with a matte finish that resists flaking and abrasions.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Over-molded handle provides user comfort and the end features a quick reference indicator so you can easily grab the right screwdriver for the job.

Included in this set are-

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Cabinet Screwdrivers- 1/8″ x 3″, 5/32″ x 4″, 3/16″ x 4″, 3/16″ x 6”

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Slotted Screwdrivers- 1/4″ x 1-1/2″, 1/4″ x 4″ with Bolster, 1/4″ x 6″ with Bolster, 5/16″ x 8″ with Bolster, 3/8″ x 10″ with Bolster

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Phillips- #0 x 3″, #2 x 2-1/2″, #1 x 3″ with Bolster, #2 x 4″ with Bolster, #3 x 6″ with Bolster

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Torx- T10 x 4″, T15 x 4″, T20 x 4″, T25 x 4″, T27 x 4″, T30 x 4″

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Adjustable Wrench Set, item #9618, is an incredible set that features four sizes of adjustable wrenches, designed to get any job done, no matter the size you need or the space you are working with.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

Each Adjustable Wrench features heat-treated forged steel jaws for ultimate durability.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The scales are laser etched on both sides of the wrenches for visibility on both sides.  The laser etching also provides a longer life over other marking systems.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The rubber grips provide a non-slip surface and the shape of the handle is designed to be ergonomically sound for incredible comfort.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Multi-Purpose Plier Set, Item # 3607V, is an all-encompassing set of five plier types to cover virtually every need you could have in a plier.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

These pliers feature a roll pouch for easy storage.

This set includes five different pliers, 8 In. long nose pliers, 8 In. diagonal cutter pliers, 10 In. cable cutter pliers, 9.5 In. professional crimper pliers, 9.5 In. diagonal cutter pliers w/crimper.

The non-slip handles provide comfort and security for the user.

Cross-hatched teeth provide an ideal grip with excellent

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Mini Ratchet and Bit Set, item 9726 features 36 steel bits to cover any possible need you could have.

Sunex Hand Tools Review

The Ratchet has 72 teeth for excellent control and is made of chrome plated CR-V.

In addition to the bits and mini-ratchet, this set features an aluminum case as well as a quick release extension bar.

Sunex Hand Tools Review Performance

One of the highlights of Sunex Tools is that their hand tools offer the same lifetime warranty that their impact sockets have. Hand Tools are integral to a tool collection, no matter how far developed tools become, hand tools will always have their place. Let’s run through each toolset and see how they really performed.

The Screwdriver Set is one of those tools that you don’t realize how handy they will be until you have them. This set is pretty exhaustive too, covering every common tool and then some. With so many options, it is likely the only screwdriver set you would ever need. These screwdrivers feel excellent too. The handles are comfortable and the grip provides a fairly good amount of leverage when you are driving a screw. Each tip was formed perfectly for their matching fastener, allowing a solid connection to give you the best results. I also loved the labels on the outside of the screwdriver as it gives you a quick view when needed. This is especially helpful when paired with storage options like the Sunex Pinup Tool Chest because you can easily see the marking when it is stored on the side rack.

An Adjustable Wrench is one of my favorite tools in a shop. This may sound funny, but there is just something about a tool being able to quickly adjust between sizes that really makes life just a bit easier. Anytime I assemble things, there seems to always be multiple sizes of fasteners. Adjustable Wrenches, in general, allow you to make a shift between sizes without reaching for a second tool. The Sunex Adjustable Wrenches were my favorite ones so far. The set is excellent as it has several sizes to give you incredible versatility in any space or use. The handles felt great in your hand, comfortable but secure. I loved how well the adjustments functioned as when you settled on a measurement, there was no slack as I often see in adjustable tools. Often adjustable wrenches aren’t labeled, but these laser measurements were incredible to have on both sides and remained incredibly visible.

The Mini-Ratchet Set is a tool pretty much everyone needs. I often find myself grabbing for these small kits when doing things like adjusting light switches, putting together modular furniture or kids toys, even adjusting the water heater. Anything that I need more than one bit, but don’t want to reach for multiple screwdrivers. This set is something truly useful for any user. You can’t possibly run out of uses for this little set, it’s small so it can go anywhere, but it’s incredibly useful. I am glad they included the case, as it is really rugged and a huge improvement over other ones I have tried and the extension makes it even more useful.

Sunex Hand Tools Review Value

Combination Screwdriver Set- Item 1120SS $72.99 on Amazon

Adjustable Wrench Set- Item #9618 $40.81 on Amazon

Multi-Purpose Plier Set- Item # 3607V $87.00 on Amazon

Mini Ratchet and Bit Set- Item 9726 $35.00 on Amazon

Sunex Hand Tools are surprisingly well priced. Despite their professional grade quality, they are priced very well. I would also recommend them to homeowners as the lifetime warranty is something professionals and homeowners will appreciate. Purchasing one set of tools versus purchasing several sets over the course of time is always a huge plus in my book.

Sunex Hand Tools Review Final Thoughts

Sunex makes excellent tools. While they are geared towards the Automotive Industry, their hand tools offer benefits to every user. I loved how well each of their tools performed, comfortable grips and small details like the laser etching on the adjustable wrenches as well as labels on the screwdrivers are the small things that take these tools to the next level. I can’t say enough positive things about the Sunex lineup overall, each tool has exceeded my expectations and provides incredible value.


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