Milwaukee Announces New Batteries and Super Charger

Milwaukee Charger and Battery

Milwaukee has one of the largest lines of 18V cordless power tool line out of any power tool manufacturer.  Today they announced some big news and that is Milwaukee upgrades it’s entire M18 system with new High Output batteries and M12 and M18 supercharger.


The upgrade is for M18 batteries.  They will introduce an XC 8.0 and a CP 3.0 (XC for extended runtime and CP for the compact). All the batteries provide 50% more power, run 50% cooler, and offer increased run-time over standard M18 Batteries.

So what is this really all about?  It’s about new cells, better cells.  Before Milwaukee was using 18650 cells and now they will be using 21700 cells.

Next, they are upgrading the electronics and lastly, they will be upgrading the pack construction to help keep the batteries running cooler.

The new Super Charger will charge up to 4 times faster

Price & Release Dates


  • CP – Single Battery 48-11-1835 Launch Date: April 2019 – Price $99
  • CP – 2 Pack – 48-11-1837 – Launch Date: April – Price $149
  • CP – Starter Kit – 48-59-1835 – Launch Date: May 2019 – Price #139
  • XC – XC 8.0 – 48-11-1880 – Launch Date: May 2019 – Price $199
  • XC – XC 8.0 Starter Kit – 48-59-1880 Launch Date: May 2019 – Price $249

Super Charger

  • M12 & M18 SuperCharger – 48-59-1811 – Launch Date: July 2019 – Price $159

Our Thoughts

This is an easy one to sum up.  We are working on going to a completely cordless job site and this is just one step closer.  For me, I like the three battery packs, CP, XC, and HD.  So it’s much easier matching a battery to the tool such as using a CP with an impact driver, the HD with the Table Saw and an XP with their drill. The industry as a whole is moving towards better cells because they can offer more power and longer run times.  A great upgrade.



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