Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

What do you think of when you think of Bosch?  Probably concrete, cordless tools, and saws.  Do you think of drivers?  Maybe some of you do but I am sure some don’t.  Well, Bosch has a cool tool that combines an impact driver with an impact wrench.  Yes, they have had others out in the past.  However, this is the newest addition, the Bosch GDX18V-1800.  So let’s jump into the Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review. The Freak.


Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

The Freak weighs 2.6 lbs and is fairly small in size considering the power.  The Freak is 8.2″ tall and only 5.8″ long.  So in regards to power, it produces 1,800 in. lbs of torque which is impressive of a tool this size.  The brushless motor delivers 4,200 impacts per minute.

While the Freak will work with any Bosch 18V batteries, it really shines with the Bosch Core batteries.

The Bosch Freak is a half driver and half wrench.  As you can see it will accept a 1/4 in the center of the anvil or 1/2″ socket on the friction anvil.

Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

The handle has a rubber over mold grip and this is also where you can insert the BlueTooth connectivity.

Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

On the base of the tool, there is an LED light.

Bosch Cordless Impact Driver Wrench Review

There is also a place to turn on and off the LED light along with changing the mode.


When it comes down to performance, this tool will not let you down.  Powerful, what else can you say?

Using the tool for an impact driver sank screws fast and was effortless.

Sinking a wide variety of lag screws was the same, it sank them easy and the tool was sinking them fast.

Even using a spade bit, the tool didn’t hiccup and drove the bit through.  Faster than we thought.

We ended up liking this driver so much, we had the guys use it when they were installing the lift in the shop.


You can pick up the bare tool on Amazon for about $160 (GDX18V-1800CN).  If you want a battery, you can pick that up for about $200 (GDX18V-1800CB15) and if you want two batteries, it will cost about another $100 for a total of $300.

So here is my thought.  I think it’s a great deal for the bare of kit with one battery.  I would not buy the kit with two batteries as that is priced wrong.  A single 4Ah Bosch Core battery retails for about $72 on Amazon.  So for me, I would buy the kit with a single battery because it’s worth the jump from a bare tool to a tool with a battery.  If you need two batteries, just buy the kit with a single battery and buy an extra battery which would save you $30.


As you know I am a fan of Bosch.  They have always been dependable and lasted over the year.  However, when I think of impact drivers and wrenches, Bosch was never really my go-to tool.  Nothing against Bosch, it’s just the way it was for me. I have to also admit that I am never a fan of a jack of all trades tool.

With those two items being said, this does break the mold for me.  It makes me have a new vision for Bosch when it comes to impact driver and wrenches.  I love the way it feels, handles and performs.  So for Being a jack of all trades tool, this performs great at the impact driver and the impact wrench aspects. So I am sold on this tool and love being able to do a wide variety of tasks with a single tool, and do it well.


  1. I can appreciate the creativeness of the form factor, but that’s 3/8 drive range for torque. So you’re using an oversized socket on what’s supposed to be a compact impact. I dunno, I’ve got 2 or 3 guns, myself so I’ve got expected needs whether I’m building electrical cabinets/gear, or big stuff like rebuilding plants and mills. I’d categorize this as most efficient as a homeowner/¼ inch driver with an occasionally handy caveat. Good and stout as a quarter incher, but if you’re staring at a task that needs a half inch gun, this would be low on my list. Love Bosch though, and I am this is a thing ? just not for me lol

    • I think the point is to be able to use sockets without an adapter. When you use an adapter you’re always going to loose some torque so having no adapter has benefit. This is super compact so you don’t loose anything from having the ability to have the 1/2 square. I’m finding it the best thing since sliced bread on my farm.

  2. What do you do about the fact that the 1/4″ driver bits always fall out constantly? Other than that little problem this thing has worked great for me.


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