Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill

Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill Review

Bosch is one of the premier professional power tool brands on the market.  While they are known for their concrete tools and measuring tools, their cordless line features one of the most durable lines on the market.  They are designed for the professional to last the daily use of job sites.  Recently Bosch launched their Core battery which is a bigger cell for more energy and longer run times.  While the Core battery will work on Bosch tools, this new drill is specifically designed to work better with the Core battery.  So let’s take a look at the Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill.

Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill – Information

Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill – Features

The Bosch GSB18V is designed around their new Core battery.  The tool is designed to be more powerful, last longer and have longer run times.

  • 20+1 Clutch Setting
  • 535 in-lbs of torque
  • No load BPM 28,500
  • No Load RPM 0-600 / 0-1,900
  • Weight – 2.7 lbs
  • Uses 21700 Core Battery Cell – Included
  • Works with Bluetooth connectivity module

Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill – Impressions

When it comes to cordless tools, I am a huge fan of Bosch.  I love the power and their durability.  The GSB18V is definitely powerful and we were able to get a lot of work done before needing to recharge.  What surprised us most was the size of the drill to the output of the power.  We didn’t have any issues performing harder tasks, something you would normally have to grab a larger drill for.

We easily could use it for fastening, drilling wood, metal and concrete.  What we liked best about this drill, was the weight and the size.  This combination makes it a perfect drill for your daily use where you don’t have to work with the larger drills that are much heavier.

Bosch GSB18V Hammer Drill – Wrap Up

Overall Bosch did a great job with this drill.  Our experience with the Core battery has been more than we expected as we have tested it with a wide variety of different tools since it’s launch date.  The new drill, coupled with the battery makes this a top performer and the fact you can jump into a bunch of other quality tools with this battery, makes it an easy choice to buy.


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