Black and Decker Smart Tech Bluetooth Battery


Stanley Black and Decker is releasing a smart Bluetooth battery for the Black and Decker 20v battery platform. It looks to be the same idea as the Dewalt Bluetooth battery, but they added one really cool feature that the Dewalt battery does not have, which is a USB port on the top of the battery to charge your phone or other electronic devices. It will be a $20 premium over the other Black and Decker 20v batteries. I don’t know if the Bluetooth feature is worth the premium on a Black and Decker tool, but USB outlet looks to be worth the premium they are going to charge.



  1. Wow how cool are these Black and Decker Bluetooth batteries. I really like the fact they included usb port on the battery. B&D coming around.

  2. Having a usb port built in to the battery…that’s actually really nifty. WIth my Milwaukee, I put on a separate power source adapter and get the USB capabilities, but now I want to see this more mainstream. I like it!
    The bluetooth stuff sounds nice, I’m sure if I had it, I would find it useful, but in the meantime, meh, let’s get some life out of the ones we have

  3. Black+Decker, the maker of home and gardening tools, is launching a new range of products featuring Smartech battery technology, which adds automation and connectivity to tools by enabling the battery with Bluetooth so users can interact with it through an app.


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