Black and Decker 20V Cultivator LGC120 – Help Your Garden Grow


At first glance the Black and Decker 20V cultivator looks like some weird 70’s lawn trimmer or a really big mixer.  What the 20V cultivator does is save you tons of time cultivating your garden or flower beds.  The benefits of cultivation are huge, it allows water and nutrients to penetrate the surface so your plants and trees can live healthier.  It also has the added benefit of giving a refreshed look to your flower beds.  You can do this manually with a shovel or you use a cultivator which does a better job and saves time.

cordless cultivator 3

Black and Decker really has impressed me with their 20V line.  The run time is great and cordless portability makes this the perfect tool for the homeowner.  The 20V lithium battery gives the unit enough power to cultivate up to 325 sq. feet.  On my property it took 2 charges to do all of my beds each charge lasted approximately 20 min.  My beds were packed solid mulch because they have not been touched in years.  The tool did a good job of breaking up the top layer .  When I was don’t it looked like it had just been mulched.  Since the tines counter oscillate there is no way for anything to get tangled in the unit.  This is actually an awesome feature, not once did I have to untangle anything from the removable tines.

cordless cultivator 2

It easy to operate and the 8.1 lb weight of the unit is usually enough pressure to get the job done.  If you push too hard the unit has a clutch saftey system that prevents any damage to the motors.  Charge time is 3-5 hours and it has a 2 year warranty.  If you need to refresh your garden beds the 20V cultivator has your name written all over it and I highly recommend it.

cordless cultivator 1


  1. I suppose if I already was invested in the B&D 20v line I would consider this, but eh. I dunno. Seems helpful but definitely not a must buy for me.

  2. Great writeup Dan!! Black and Decker makes some great cordless lawn tools, the alligator is great!! This looks great for smaller yards or urban environments. I really wish they could bring the 3-5 hour charge time down…..Keep up the great work!


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