Ryobi One+ 18 Volt Cordless Cultivator


When I saw Dan and Eric’s review of the Black and Decker’s 20v Max cultivator last summer I though that is a cool little lawn and garden tool, for small projects around the yard. Well this year Ryobi has entered the small cordless cultivator market using their own One+ battery platform. I’m glad I waited as I didn’t have any Black and Decker 20v tools, but I do have Ryobi cordless tools and batteries. There is nothing wrong with Black and Decker’s batteries or tools it’s just that I didn’t have any other tools with that battery platform.

I bought this cultivator online at Home Depot as a bare tool. The model number for it is P2700A. If you want to buy the whole kit with the cultivator, charger, and battery  the model number is P2701. The cultivator does require some assembly which does not require any tools. The only issue I had was installing the tines to the unit the cotter pins they provided were very hard to insert into the cultivator.

Regarding the performance of the tool I used it to loosen up weeds in my vegetable garden before I removed the weeds. It made the tedious job of weeding so much easier than using a hoe or rake. I just want to make it clear this isn’t a tool to prepare a large area or breaking up hard compacted soil. You will need to use a heavier duty unit than the Ryobi One+ Cultivator. I use a Sun Joe corded rototiller in the spring for my heavy duty tilling in the spring before I plant my garden. This unit is perfect for freshening up small plant beds, and weeding. This is a perfect tool for anyone’s wife or grandparents its easy to use, and you also have the whole Ryobi One+ system they can add on to.

In the end I have to say I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Ryobi One+ cultivator. It’s an extremely good value, and it has done everything I have asked of it so far. My only complaint besides the cotter pin issue is why didn’t Ryobi release this tool sooner! I have always been a fan of Ryobi tools they offer good tools at decent prices for the DIY person, and  homeowner.

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  1. Jason I’ve never been a big fan of Ryobi, but that has changed a bit. My brother owns a few if the new 40v line of out door tools & I really really like them. I’ve trimmed the bushes with the hedger & cut small trees with the chainsaw. Nice!!!!! He also has the weed wip. Different battery platform, but I bet 18s are just as great. Laters Jason & TIA

    • My husband has a gas weed wacker but they’re too heavy for me to handle. I’ve been wanting a lightweight one like my friend has but my husband kept saying they were junk. Turns out our son has a Ryobi. Let me rephrase that. He HAD a Ryobi. He brought it over for me to try and I LOVED it. So he let me keep it and as he has a SMALL yard, he purchased an electric. Since we have such a big place (1.06 acres with over a 300′ curb and a 40′ driverway, plus all of the trees and shrubs), I purchased two more batteries. They last forever. Anyway, I’m now looking for a cultivator. Should have done it years ago but all I found back then were the huge ones. I can’t locate this one at the Home Depots or Walmarts around here. Guess I’ll check the Ryobi website. Thanks for posting.


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