Johnson Eco Tech Bamboo Levels


I have to say that I love levels, well to an extent.  Such a simple concept, but they make the world a straighter place.  You know who loves levels more?  The people over at Johnson Level.  In fact, you can say they are infatuated with them.  Why do I like levels so much?  Besides being extremely handy in completing quality work, I love the craftsmanship behind them.  I remember my grandfather had a bunch of them.  Most had concrete stuck to them or were beat up pretty bad, but he had those couple levels that always looked so nice.  The wood grain was so nice and when he would put oil on the wood, it just shined.  They were quality and not only a useful tool, but a piece of art.  Now-a-days you don’t really see that much.  You see a lot more plastic, etc.  Now I am not saying the new levels are bad, in fact they are probably better because what they have learned over the years.  Well speaking of a quality level and a piece of art, that is what drew me to the Johnson Bamboo level.

Johnson Level 5There are a lot of cool digital levels, weird designs and more, but this looks like an old school level.  The grain looks cool, the handles are smooth, the rubber bumpers look like they belong and the vials look crystal clear.   Now I am not saying you want to buy a level because it looks nice, obviously it has to hold up to tough conditions and has to be accurate.

Johnson offers the Eco Tech levels in two different sizes – 24″ and 48″.  These levels are Bamboo (Bamboo sounds funny when you say it five times in a row).  Now if you don’t think Bamboo is strong, well it is.  From my understanding it has a tensile strength comparable to steel, which is still not as strong as wood.  Speaking of wood, Bamboo is not wood, it is actually considered grass.  So who would like these levels?  Pretty much everyone, but especially brick layers and other concrete workers.


Johnson Level 1600-2400 24-Inch Eco-Tech Bamboo Level, Brown



Johnson Level 1600-4800 48-Inch Eco-Tech Bamboo Level, Brown


As you can see by the pictures, not only do they look nice, but they have flush mounted protective metal bindings.  Along with the rubberized end caps, these are sure to hold up to tough work environments.  The levels have a top read window which makes this perfect for applications above your head or when you are looking down on the level.  If you have been following us for a while, you know how much we like the Johnson vials.  They always seem clear, strong and a fast response time.  The vials are hand set and tested to ensure maximum accuracy.  The vials are solid block acrylic which are strong and help prevent cracks or leaks in different types of temperature.

If you’re looking for a cool, practical and just plain sexy looking level, yes I said a sexy level.  The Johnson Bamboo level is a great buy.  Tough, accurate and cool looking.  What else do you want in a level?



  1. Great review Eric! Johnson really makes some top quality stuff and Made in usa, i am going to look into these bamboo levels!

  2. I can see it now, Eric your new name is 64859171 Dan is 64859172 bunk buddies at Illinois State Prison.


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