PowerPlay HotRod 3000 PSI Pressure Washer – Review


A few weeks back we told you about the PowerPlay StreetFighter and how it was the baddest power washer on the block.  Well, we lied.  There is another unit from PowerPlay that will make you the coolest dude on the block.  The HotRod 3000 has the same wheels and general automotive styling as the StreetFighter, but this is where the similarities end.  The HodRod is a consumer unit and is designed to perform as well as it looks.  Let’s start with the made in the USA power plant.  A Briggs and Stratton 875 that starts first pull every time.  The engine could not be any easier to start, just flip the on switch and pull the cord.  That’s it, a first start every-time. You do not even have to prime it.  I cant tell you how I am impressed with the ease of starting and power on this motor.

The axial pump is made by Annovi Reverberi an Italian pump maker that is known for making quality pumps.  It is a simple and easy to use pump that requires virtually no maintenance.  It produces 3000 psi @ 2.7 gallons per minute which is more than enough for any task around the house.  The hose hook ups stick out on the back of the unit and are easy to reach.  The motor and pump are attached to a 16 gauge welded steel chassis that has a plastic 4L tank built into it.  There is a steel plate between the engine and the tank to prevent any heat issues.   The handle is easy to remove via 2 push pins for storage.  This pressure washer looks like nothing you have seen before.  The big wheels and sleek integrated tank really make it look like some sort of HotRod.  The wheels help it navigate any terrain you can throw at it.  The unit comes almost fully assembled you just have to put the handle on, add gas and oil then hook up the wand and hose.  The hose is 25′  long and was not stiff like some other hoses we have tested, it was easy to maneuver around.

It comes with four spray tips a 0 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree and a detergent tip for spraying your chemicals.  The unit worked great for the around the house chores that we put it to.  For cleaning patios and vehicles it is perfect.  Everything stows on the unit and it hardly had any movement thanks to its anti vibration system.  Made in Canada the Hotrod 3000 has a 2 year residential warranty.  Check out PowerPlay


  1. My 2700 psi briggs needs 2 pulls everytime so this must be one hell of a good engine… My engine looks very very similiar though in design, it’s part of the professional line…

    Very nice pressure washer, I never even heard of them till the last one you guys did and how they are made in canada… Very good work guys!

  2. Great writeup Dan!! These hotrod pressure washers looks great and like they have a lot of quality. The briggs and stratton engine is great and the big wheels are nice, I am a gx7 fan but that briggs is nice. Like on all preasure washers, I wish it had a 50ft hose! Keep up the great work!!

  3. A great review on a product that I have on my list. I have been short sighted and purchased substandard for this need as I don’t use this very often. If the price here gets a little lower (+$450 is tough for something I am only running 2-3 times a year). Love the Briggs and Stratton engines. I always look for the BS name and have never been let down (How can you buy Tecumseh – didn’t he fight against us? – History, read it.).
    Thanks for another great review.

  4. Tucemseh engines have been some of the best small engines I think ever made… We had them on lawn mowers, snow blowers and none of them ever let us down


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