Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

When it comes to portable flames, no one can compete with Bernzomatic.  They have been used by both professionals and homeowners since 1876.  There is a reason they are the leader.  They have the know-how, the quality and the ease of use.  Today we are checking out a Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit.

I have been using Bernzomatic since 1990 when I was working in the Chicago tunnels.  I have a couple of different model numbers in my garage that I use for plumbing, working on my car and more.  Heck, I even have one to help start my fire in my wood-burning stove.

There are two things I love about Bernzomatic.  First, they just work.  Never have an issue, even when I have dropped them.  They are of high quality and they are always working.  Second, once they are lit, I never have an issue with them going out even in wet or windy conditions.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit Features

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

The WPK2301 Bernzomatic kit is a kit geared with everything you need to get started with your plumbing project. This kit is designed for plumbing repairs, light soldering, lighting grills and more.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

The kit comes with a 14 oz propane cylinder and burn tube.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

You also get flux paste, flux brush, and lead-free solder wire.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

To turn the system on, just turn the black knob which turns on the gas.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

Press the red igniter button and you are set to go.  If you want to adjust the intensity of the webbed flame, just use the black knob to raise or lower the flame.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit

The tube is a stainless steel burn tube that is angled for a variety of applications.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit Performance

As I noted above, these torches just work, plain and simple.  They are easy to use and work.  It’s hard to sit here and show the performance.  All I can say is go to the Home Depot, grab a kit and you will see what I mean.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit Value

You can pick this kit up at The Home Depot for $29.97.  Yes, I think this is a fair price.  You get everything you need to get some plumbing jobs done around the house.

Bernzomatic Plumbing Kit Final Thoughts

Bernzomatic has a bunch of different models.  If you are looking for an all in one kit, this is the kit to own.  The kit has everything you need to get started with your plumbing projects.

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