2021 Holiday Gift Guides – $50 and Under

Holiday Gifts

Before we jump into the 2021 Holiday Gift Guides – $50 and Under, check out our previous gift guides for 2021.

This is the perfect section where you care enough to spend a little more money but don’t care enough to give them something over $50.  We all have those people we like but don’t love.  So if you need that something special to show a little more love than a $25 gift, here are a couple of great ideas.

1Lunch Cooler

  • Name – Carhartt Vertical Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
  • Price – $30
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – There are a lot of coolers to pick from but I like how this is thin and everything stands up instead of laying down.  The cooler does a great job and works for a full day depending upon what ice or ice packs you have in the cooler.

2Cold Brew Coffee

  • Name – Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • Price – $20
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Not going to lie, I like my coffee.  It gets me going in the morning and sometimes, I just need a hit in the afternoon.  This ice-cold brew is perfect for those warm days when you want a great cup of coffee but don’t want to have a piping hot cup.

3Cast Iron Pan

  • Name – Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder
  • Price – $30
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – There is nothing like cooking on cast iron.  Funny, my mom use to always cook on cast iron and never gave it a second thought.  In college, I just had some cheap pans and was perfectly content with them.  It wasn’t until I received a cast iron skillet as a gift, that I fell in love and realized there is a huge difference with cast iron.  If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, a cast iron pan is the way to go.

4Decanter Set

  • Name – Lighten Life Whiskey Decanter Set
  • Price – $50
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I am not much of a drinker, especially the hard stuff.  However, I have a lot of friends who like the hard stuff.  They always tell me it’s great to sip on and just relax.  So I figured I would take their advice and put in a Decanter set for those who like their after-work relaxation drink.

5Golf Balls

  • Name – Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  • Price – $50
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – If you know someone who likes golf, this is the perfect gift.  Everyone loses their balls and there are a lot of people who need balls.  So why not get them some of the best golf balls around, the Titleist Pro balls.

6Gift Card

  • Name – Amazon Gift Card
  • Price – $50
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – This is just one of those practical gifts to give someone when you are either too lazy to shop or too lazy to know what that person likes. For me, it’s one of those perfect gifts.


  • Name – Stanley Classic Flask
  • Price – $25
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I am not promoting drinking but we all have those events where a little booze helps us through the night.  If you can’t drink in front of everyone, the flask is a perfect gift.  I can’t tell you how many times I have needed one of these for those boring events.

8Bird Feeder

  • Name – Bolite 18035 Bird Feeder
  • Price – $40
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – What better way to relax than watching some birds right outside your window.  Sure it sounds relaxing but once you have to constantly fill it up and chase the squirrels away, not sure how much enjoyment you can get.  In all seriousness, there is something about just hanging out and watching some colorful bird.

9Moscow Mule

  • Name – A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
  • Price – $40
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Again not promoting drinking and for me, I am not a huge fan of Moscow Mules but it seems to be the hip drink to serve.  If you know someone who likes their booze and especially Moscow Mules, this is a great gift for them.

10Night Light

  • Name – Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker, Alarm Clock
  • Price – $43
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – This would also be a great gift for kids.  The night light is very cool and the fact there is an alarm and you can have some music or sounds for them to help get to sleep, well that is just a great gift.


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