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industrial water hose - lifetime warranty

Stanley FatMax Professional-Grade Water and Garden Hose

Need a good hose?  No need to look anymore the Stanley FatMax water hose is a high quality industrial grade hose that is great...

Stanley SAT3S Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light

Lights, lights and lights, now a days everyone has an LED light available for sale including Stanley.  However Stanely has a fairly unique design...

Stanley 30″ FUBAR III 55-120 – It Breaks Things

The Stanley FUBAR does what it;s name implies.  It F$%^& things up beyond All Recognition. Well at least that whats we think the name...
Stanley Laser Distance measurer

Stanley STHT77032 – TLM65 – 65′ Laser Distance Measurer

LDMs have been around for a long time.  As they evolve so does their complexity.  They are able to do more and more calculations....
line lasers

3 New Stanley Laser Levels

Stanley has been around for years.  I can remember the first Fat Max laser I ever got, I loved it.  Stanley is known for...

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