Stanley 30″ FUBAR III 55-120 – It Breaks Things


The Stanley FUBAR does what it;s name implies.  It F$%^& things up beyond All Recognition. Well at least that whats we think the name means.  The bar weighs roughly 8.5 lbs and has quite a few features.  It is a nail puller, sledge-hammer, 2 tiered jaw for plywood and decking and even has ergonomic comfortable rubber grips.  The grip and leverage are unmatched.  This is a tool that and demolition pro must have.


  1. no offense, but the last few videos i’ve seen from you guys have two guys talking about a tool… would it have killed anyone to nail some boards to something and see how hard it was to use the features on it like the 2×4 grabber and such?

    you guys say it’s “awesome” but from the way you are talkin, ya never used it…

    • Some products really aren’t the type of items you need a visual, in-use, demonstration of. Some are more product introduction/overview type videos and this is one such video. This is an update of a tried and true tool that works well. I think most viewers are capable of seeing the updated design and equating that to the applications.

      The goal in this instance is to inform viewers that there is a Fubar III and let them know what’s new about it, not to elaborate on how it works. My point is that different products warrant different approaches for different reasons.

      • With TIA doing daily videos which no other tool sites do anymore. They have to prioritize how much time you to put into a video. Would it be nice to show it in action yes, but the time it takes to build/film/edit the video takes up time. It’s a give and take on how much resources to put towards a video


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