Tools In Action on Tradesman TV


Remember Barnaby? The host from now defunct Tool Select?  Well he now has a new gig as the face of Tradesman TV from Klein Tools.  We got an invite to be on the show and reunite with our former colleague.  Never seen Tradesman TV?  It is basically a channel where Klein shows off their new tools and invites tradesman in to talk about their favorite tools.  As long as they are Klein tools that is.  We had a lot of filming with Barnaby and would like to thank Klein tools for the opportunity.  Leave a comment on the video and let them know the crew was there.


  1. Man that really sucks I liked tool select. It was my second option after TIA. Kno I have to support tradesman tv. TIA kicks ass. Illinois does suck but shouts out to the NW burbs lol.

  2. Was wondering what happen to Barnaby, Tool Select was cool. TIA is bad ass!, but Tool Select shut down with No warning, that was uncool! We miss Barnaby.

  3. I thought this episode was great. The back and forth insults were funny and I just hope you guys don’t get caught for the “freebies”

  4. Great video guys. Use to watch Barnaby before I discovered TIA. Sorry Barnaby, I’ll stick with TIA, those guys rock! Still like Klein tools.


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