Stanley SAT3S Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light


Lights, lights and lights, now a days everyone has an LED light available for sale including Stanley.  However Stanely has a fairly unique design and they call it the Satellite.  Yes, probably because it looks like a satellite.

The cool thing about this light is you can really aim the light in any direction you want.  Each light fin can move up or down, plus you have the center light.  The light puts out 300 lumens which isn’t a huge amount, but enough to be able to see what your doing.  As with some of the other lights we have reviewed previously, this also has a two way USB port.  The two way port means you can charge the light or charge an electronic device such as your cell phone.  On the bottom there is a magnet to hang it on metal.  There is also a fordable hook if you want to hang it up, but the hook does seem a little cheap.

For $40 it’s not a bad buy.  Why it does seem a little cheaply made, it would be great for the campers, kids or something else that it won’t get a lot of abuse.  The light has a 6 hour run time which isn’t too bad.  This is going to be a hit or miss for some people.  While some may love the design and features, others will probably not like it for the $40 price tag and quality of the light.

buyamazon1Stanley SAT3S Yellow/Black SATELLITE Rechargeable LED Work Light



  1. I like it. It looks like it puts out a lot of light & the angles you can use with it looks great. The only thing that concerns me is that it looks weak. I’m rough with my lights, always falling off stuff & my kids giving them dents left & right. I don’t want one of those propellers flying of the unit & hitting someone in the eye. It might give it a little more rugged looked look with stuff missing. I would have to get it in hand first. Laters TIA


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