New DeWALT 40V Max Brushless Chainsaw and Backpack Blower


Last week we attended the GIE+EXPO, a huge outdoor power equipment show.  DeWALT showed off their latest additions to their OPE line up.  They now have a Brushless 16″ chain saw DCCS690 that uses the 40v Max battery and an Oregon bar and chain.  It is available with a 4.0Ah battery DCCS690M1 for $399 and a 6.0Ah battery DCCS690H1 for $479.

The also showed off their new backpack blower. The DCBL590X1 with one 7.5Ah battery for $499 and DCBL590X2 which has 2 7.5Ah batteries for $699.  The blower produces 450 CFM @ 140 MPH.  These new additions allow the landscape professional to start earlier in the day thanks to the low noise levels. It also virtually eliminates any maintenance downtime that is associated with gas-powered products.  These tools are available now.


  1. Finally a battery backpack blower! And that 7.5ah battery, very nice. Just returned the 20v brushless string trimmer to jump up to the 40v line. The 20v is fine for 80% of people, but we need a more powerful blower and doesn’t make sense to have to battery systems.

  2. I’m really pleased with the 40V trimmer and blower. If the chainsaw is ever offered as a bare tool, I will definitely purchase it.

  3. I like it all, but I don’t really want another battery platform. I like the 20v tools for my small piece of the world. But, these are nice too look at & maybe one day play with. Always wanted a chainsaw, but I have nothing to chop off, except for my neighbors freaking peach tree. Looking for any excuse to get one bad boy. Laters TIA


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