Bosch 18V SGH182 Screwgun


Are you hanging drywall, flooring or other tasks that require you to set fastener after fastener?  If you are, you should check out the Bosch 18V screwgun.  Talk about lightweight, efficient and making the job simple, the Bosch delivers.

With the SGH182 a user can drive home about 3,400 screws using a 4 Ah battery. Speaking of batteries, you use your existing batteries and just buy a bare kit to help save a couple of bucks or if you fancy a kit, they also offer a kit version.  Almost forgot, this also has a brushless motor, which means longer life.  As with other top drywall screwguns on the market, there is a lock on button for continuous work and adjustable Posi-Lok nose-piece.  Speaking of continuous work, you can also buy the MA55 autofeed attachment so you can really pump out some work.  You might be thinking this thing is pretty heavy, but actually it’s pretty light.  With a 4.0 Ah battery it only weighs 3.53 lbs.

If you are looking to hang some serious drywall and desire efficiency, speed, lightweight and just a tough tool, the Bosch won’t disappoint you.

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  1. Dude I want this gun so bad.. I seen ur video on this and its on the giveaway video.. I left a comment on YouTube.. I’m still using the old crappy dewalt corded screw gun.. Can’t afford one of these yet.. Been hanging DRYWALL for the same ass boss for 14 years.. About to head off on my own.. Wish u would have had a tool fight with this gun against the dewalt, makita, and hilti guns.. I like this one the best cause its nice and skinny, would probly work good in the corners.. I’ve looked at the dewalt guns at home depot, but the felt cheep.. Haven’t had my hands on the makita yet.. Nobody has it on desplay anywhere.. I’ve used a hilti before, but them are like $800 for the kit with 2 batteries.. A little bit to rich for my pockets at the moment.. But I’m trying to save up, maybe once I get enough saved up they will have a sale or something better out.. I love your show, I get notifications when u upload videos and watch just about all of them.. The concrete videos kids bored me though lol.. You guys are lucky, seems like you got it made and you make good quality videos and I love the intro..well keep up the good videos.. I gottahget to bed, working this wkend.. Later guys!

  2. I wonder how this will compare to the makita i use at work. The fact that the gun can stay on is an awesome feature i think. I would love to try it.


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