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Headquarters – North Ridgeville, Ohio
Established – 1923
Parent Company – Emerson Electric
Public/Private – Public (EMR)
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Target Market – Professional

About Ridgid

Ridgid tools are targeted at the plumbing, pipe fitting, construction, and HVAC trades. The brand is best known for its distinctive red pipe wrenches, but the company manufactures over 300 different types of tools.  Read More.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review
Do you work in tight spaces?  Do you need to constantly install fasteners in places it's hard to reach?  If so this tool might...

Ridgid Dual Battery Charger – AC840094

ridgid charger
Well, it's finally here, the Ridgid dual port charger.  OK, I should say the sequential dual port charger.  For those who are wondering, sequential...

Ridgid 200 psi 4.5 Gallon Electric Compressor OF45200SS

Ridgid OF45200SS
Ridgid is at it again with a brand new air compressor, the OF45200SS.  If you look at what Ridgid is touting with the air compressor,...

Ridgid Gen5X 18-Volt Brushless Vacuum R86090B

Ridgid Vacuum
What can I say about Ridgid?  I like to call them the hidden gem of the tool world.  I think there are a lot...

Ridgid Hybrid Forced Air Heater – 18V R860424B

Ridgid Hybrid Heater
Here's the deal.  If you have been walking around with your eyes closed to Ridgid power tools, well you better open them up and...

Ridgid Hybrid Light Review – 18V Upright Area Light

Ridgid Hybrid Light Review
Ridgid has been hitting the market hard with new lights and new solutions for the job site.  We all know what it's light when...

Ridgid Cordless Compressor R0230

Ridgid Compressor
The sleeping giant is at it again, this time with a pretty cool idea that is sure to impress the mass.  Ridgid launched a...

Ridgid 18V Brushless 4-1/2 Angle Grinder

Ridgid Cordless Grinder
I always look at Ridgid as a sleeping giant.  Ridgid has some great tools, but they are not on everyone's radar.  If you have...

Ridgid 18V Router – Brushless Compact Router R86044B

Ridgid 18V Router
A router is one of my favorite tools.  A router can turn any woodworking project into a master piece, it's like the icing on...

Ridgid Lights – Three Lighting Solutions for Your Needs

Ridgid Lights
Lighting has changed over the years.  A couple years back, the only light we really had was the cheap light that came in a...

RIDGID Miter Saw – 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw –...

ridgid miter saw
Have you ever pulled up to a car at a red light and you just know you can take it off the line?  The...

Ridgid Miter Saw – 10” Sliding Dual Bevel Saw with Dual...

For me, Ridgid is just one of the quiet companies.  They don't brag, they aren't showoffs and they don't hype their stuff up.  They...

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