RIDGID Introduces First Cordless Threader – 760 FXP


If you are looking for a cordless, professional-grade, hand-held threader, you’re in luck.  Recently, the RIDGID 760 FXP battery-powered Power Drive Threader came on the market.  It is designed to quickly and accurately thread 1/8 to 2-inch Schedule 40 pipe and can generate up to 30 2-inch threads on a single charge.  RIDGID is offering two cordless models: an 11-R and a 12-R.

RIDGID 760 FXP – Information

  • Name – RIDGID 760 FXP Cordless Threader Power Drive
  • Model – 760 FXP
  • RIDGID ReviewsRIDGID Reviews

More information about the manufacturer: RIDGID is a division of Emerson Corporation (NYSE: EMR) based in St. Louis, MO.  RIDGID offers select power tools (corded and cordless), drain cleaning and pipe-patch equipment, wet/dry vacs, diagnostic tools, and much more.

RIDGID 760 FXP – Features

Some features that stand out in the 760 FXP include:

  • Exceptional performance when threading 1.5 to 2-inch Schedule 40 pipe
  • Brushless motor for more efficient use of battery charge
  • Up to 42 RPM in Forward & Reverse modes
  • 4Ah and 8Ah batteries available
  • Compatible with existing threader die heads manufactured by RIDGID
  • Automatic shut-off if kickback detected (“Torque Reaction Shutoff”)
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to evaluate tool performance over time

Our Thoughts

Quality – RIDGID is known for its professional tools, especially threaders.  Accordingly, the new 760 FXP Cordless Threader is a quality piece of equipment.  Features like its maximum RPM and threading speed, along with the versatility of pipe thicknesses that can be threaded (1/8 to 2-inch), might make you want to consider adding this threader to your tool bag.

Additionally, it should be said that it’s nice the threader lost the cord.  Charging a battery every so often is a smaller hassle than constantly having to work with a cord and always requiring a power source for a corded version.  The extended lifespan given by the 8Ah battery option provides peace of mind for long jobs, or if work needs to be done at a remote site with no other power source available.


There are other pipe threaders on the market, including several cordless varieties. That said, the 760FXP provides both the power and portability required by professional plumbers and HVAC mechanics, with the benefit of increased productivity.


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