NTN: RIDGID Cordless Hot Glue Gun

RIDGID 18V Cordless Hot Glue Gun

#NewToolNews! RIDGID unveiled its first-ever cordless hot glue gun. Now, this isn’t the first cordless hot glue gun on the market, but this one by RIDGID utilizes the brand’s 18V battery platform. It also offers multiple features to customize the use and precision when working with a variety of materials across a variety of products.

Let’s jump in and take a closer look at this glue gun and then compare it to some other cordless hot glue guns on the market.

RIDGID Cordless Hot Glue Gun

RIDGID 18V Cordless Hot Glue Gun

  • Product Name: RIDGID 18V Professional High-Temp Glue Gun
  • Model #: R860433B
  • Battery Platform: RIDGID 18V Battery System
  • Specs & Features: 3-heat setting choices of low (280°), medium (340°), and high (400°) heat. Quick heating glue gun that comes to temp in 90 seconds with integrated LED displays heat status, such as on/off, heating, and temperature achieved. Customizable glue dispersal precision from stroke adjustment dial.
  • Accessories: Three interchangeable nozzles, nozzle wrench for easy changeout, and five 8-in. glue sticks. Nozzles include standard, spreader, and precision nozzle to give users a variety of dispersal options.
  • Price: $79 (bare-tool).
  • Where to Buy: The Home Depot.

RIDGID vs RYOBI: Glue Gun Edition

Over the years there has been a steady rise in professional tool brands incorporating their battery platforms and performance technology into smaller, less traditional professional tools, such as glue guns. Makita and DeWALT each have their own glue guns, but RYOBI certainly has the most diverse and possibly well-known collection of professional craft tools.

Whether you are a professional carpenter or just trying to bedazzle a jean jacket, RYOBI is probably RIDGID’s stiffest competition in this market.

Let’s take a deeper look, comparing the RIDGID 18V Professional High-Temp Glue Gun to the comparable RYOBI 18V ONE+ Dual Temperature Glue Gun.


In terms of power it’s a tie in the sense that both RIDGID and RYOBI glue guns run off 18V batteries. That being said, the RIDGID only takes 90 seconds to heat up while the RYOBI glue gun takes a full two minutes to heat to the ideal temperature.

RIDGID vs RYOBI: RIDGID 18V Professional High-Temp Glue Gun wins.


It’s hard to compare these two products precisely side-by-side because they aren’t 100% the same product. Both products do offer three nozzles and have an integrated LED indicator.

Here’s a look at their competing features.

RIDGID: Triple temperature setting and features a stroke adjustment dial to offer users total control of glue dispersal.

RYOBI: Dual temperature setting, also includes three nozzles, and a fold-out drip tray to maintain a clean workspace.

It’s hard to compare an adjustment dial to a fold-out drip tray. But I think the feature that offers better user control stands above, especially among the professional users that the RIDGID Hot Glue Gun is intended for.


RIDGID vs RYOBI: RIDGID 18V Professional High-Temp Glue Gun wins.


As mentioned earlier. the RIDGID 18V Professional High-Temp Glue Gun is $79 at The Home Depot. The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Dual Temperature Glue Gun is also available at The Home Depot and costs $57.65 for the bare-tool, or $99 with a battery and charger. At this time, there is no RIDGID “glue gun bundle” that includes a battery and charger, and the RIDGID battery and charging platform is significantly more expensive than RYOBI.

At this time, RYOBI has an extensive professional craft tool lineup and RIDGID currently only has the glue gun. However, I hope this is the start of more professional craft tools that can assist pros as well as prosumers.

RIDGID vs RYOBI: RYOBI 18V ONE+ Dual Temperature Glue Gun wins.

RIDGID vs RYOBI Overall Winner

While the RYOBI may be cheaper, the RIDGID offers more power and focus on precision. The RIGDID Hot Glue Gun is a professional glue gun and I feel it was designed with a bit more emphasis on professional applications. And in the professional world, performance trumps price.

RIDGID 18V Cordless Hot Glue Gun Wrap-up

This is one hell of a glue gun. I hope this is the start of more products from RIDGID that we don’t currently expect. What’s next? A rotary tool?

Comment and let us know the prosumer tools RIDGID should release next.


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