RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

RIDGID Tools is kicking up its reputation as a leader in robust and durable shop vacs with its RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum line. RIDGID claims their line of NXT Shop Vacuums is their most powerful line of vacuums to date. RIDGID is known for its shop vacs as large as 16 gallons. The new RIDGID NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum (Model #HD0300) attempts to pack the same power, durability, and reliability into a much smaller footprint. Let’s see how it measures up.

RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum Overview

The 3 Gallon 5.0-Peak HP NXT Wet/Dry Vac is eager to prove you can pack power into a small vacuum. Its compact design makes it easy to store or take on the go. However, its corded 120V power and additional features opt to make it the first vacuum you reach for over larger shop vacs, whether you are in your home, in the shop, or on the job site.

RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum Features

Again, RIDGID boasts its lines of NXT Shop Vacuums are the most powerful they have ever released. The 5.0-Peak HP motor provides strong suction (100 CFM) that can suck up heavier and bulkier items such as nails, bolts, wood chips, drywall chunks, and more. The hose can also be connected to the blower port to clear away things like dust and leaves.

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

The 15 ft. cord allows for extended reach and tucks in the storage compartment when not in use. There is also an 18-Volt cordless unit available (HD0318).

One feature that stands out on this RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum is the innovative “RIDGID SWEEP” feature. The vac has a built-in suction-powered dustpan (be sure to check it out in the video link below). You can sweep directly into the dustpan or glide right over a spill. This feature is great for smaller or more contained messes when you don’t want to unwind the cord and hose. This particular feature also makes it a great shop vac for the home or apartment due to its compact size.

The 6 ft. (1-7/8 in.) hose offers a nice range of use. The long hose plus 360-degree rotating hose adapters offer good maneuverability and make for easy clean-up. For those needing more hose length, there are longer RIDGID hoses available for purchase.

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

This shop vac model comes with two attachments. The dust brush attachment works great for removing debris from more delicate surfaces. The crevice tool helps you reach dust, dirt, and debris gathered in those harder-to-get areas, such as narrow spaces, corners, or along the edge of surfaces. There is a built-in accessory storage compartment (not shown).

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

This RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum also has a very easy-to-use and access on/off switch. I like the strong contrast of the orange button against the black vacuum.

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

This vacuum design looks like a toolbox and has a large handle with a good grip. This makes it easy to hold and carry. The handle locks into place and also folds in on itself, adding to the compact design. Again, even when the handle is folded down there is good color contrast to make the handle easy to find.

Ridgid NXT Shop Vacuum

This shop vac comes with a replaceable filter. Replacing the filter as needed preserves the motor and power of suction. The filter it comes with is great for cleaning up dust, dirt, and debris. However, you can purchase other filters including a RIDGID wet filter. RIDGID dust bags are also available. Dust bags can prevent malfunction and improve the life of your shop vac by trapping debris and preventing it from impacting mechanical elements.

It’s easy to remove the top from this 3-gallon container. The small size and rectangular shape make the RIDGID NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum easy to clean and maintain.

RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum Performance

Do you want to see the built-in dustpan feature in action? Watch this “RIDGID SWEEP” demo.

RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum Value

The RIDGID 3 Gallon 5.0 Peak HP NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum stands up in terms of value and reliability when compared to other similar shop vacuums on the market.

There are cheaper models of compact wet/dry vacuums with a few options under $100. However, RIDGID is the only brand with a lifetime warranty. Most other competitors offer warranties ranging from only 1-5 years. RIDGID shop vacuums are built to last and you may not get that with some of these less expensive models.

Overall, the price (available at The Home Depot) of the RIDGID 3 Gallon 5.0 Peak NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum is a great value when you consider quality, attachments, and features compared to competitors.

RIDGID NXT Shop Vacuum Wrap Up

The RIDGID 3 Gallon 5.0 Peak NXT Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum is a great compact shop vac at a fair price. This compact vacuum provides great power and features. The smaller size may be an issue for cleaning large messes. However, even if you don’t need this product in your workshop, it’s a great portable choice for taking with you to job sites and would work great in the home.


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