Franklin Sensor T6 Review

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

Since we aren’t all like Superman where we can see behind walls, manufacturers have created a tool that does this for us.  A wall scanner or stud finder is a handy tool that lets us become Superman for a couple of minutes.  While we may not have the strength of the man of steel, we can easily detect where a stud is located so we can complete our tasks. Now if you are familiar with stud finders, you know they are not all created equal.  So let’s jump into the Franklin Sensor T6 Review.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review Overview

Over the years we have reviewed and tested numerous wall scanners and stuff finders.  We have done everything from inexpensive products like the Stud Pop to the high tech wall scanner from Dewalt, the DCT419.  All are very cool products but what about those who want something simple, reliable and won’t break the bank?

Well, there is an answer for you and it’s called the Franklin Stud Finder.  If you have been following us for a while, you know we always give high remarks to the Franklin ever since we reviewed the first generation Franklin.

We found the Franklin 710 to be the most accurate, easiest to use and all for a reasonable price.

So now we have the opportunity to test out and review the Franklin sensor T6 and see if this is as good as the Franklin 710.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review Features

The Franklin T6 is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are located under an easy to remove plastic top.  These batteries power 6 sensors which can scan 1.5″ deep.

On the side of the stud finder is a silver button which for a righty, you can operate with your thumb.  Just hold the finder on the wall and press the button.  No calibration needed.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

There are 6 LED lights located on the front of the finder.  As you move the detector along the wall, the LED will light up and show exactly where the studs are.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

On the back of the unit, there are no-mar pads that will protect the wall surface as you scan left or right.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review Performance

You really can’t ask for an easier stud detector.  All you have to do is place it against the wall and move left or right.  Once the LED light comes on, you know there is something there.  Yes, you know something is there.  It could be a pipe, a stud or something else. Remember this is called a stud detector but you should always verify that you found a stud.

Once you find a stud, move in either direction left or right.  If you find something else about 16″ away, you are probably on a stud.

I tested this in my bathroom since I remodeled it a couple of years ago.  Since I remolded it, I know where the studs are along with the pipes.

Over and over this unit was dead on.  I found every stud in the wall, every time.  I knew where PVC, EMT and copper pipes were.  Not one time did it pick those up which was awesome.  So for me, the accuracy was 100% at finding studs.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review

My house was built in 1924 and I still have plaster walls.  I tested it on plaster.  While it did awesome, it was not 100%.  I do know that some of my plaster walls are very thick while others are much thinner. However, if I have to find a stud in a plaster wall, I am still reaching for my Franklin T6 because I believe in it that much.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review Value

So is this Franklin T6 a good value?  Actually, I would say it’s a great value.  The price tag on Amazon is about $30 which is a steal for a stud finder you don’t have to calibrate and is extremely accurate.

Franklin Sensor T6 Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line is if you are looking for a stud detector, the Franklin T6 is the one to own.  The detector is very accurate, easy to use and no calibration required.  While we feel the overall housing could be beefed up a little bit, this is designed for the homeowner and should be able to take drops without any problems.



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