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Before we get into the wall scanner  I know what you are thinking.  This thing will show you exactly behind the wall like superman.  Well, not exactly, it will give you a good idea of what is behind a wall.  In our test results it had a 95% accuracy rating which is pretty good.  You need to do multiple scans to get a good picture of what is behind a wall.

This scanner will scan through walls, tile and concrete and give you a visual image of what is behind the surface.  It detects all common building materials and can tell you if it found ferrous or non ferrous metal.  It also can detect plastic pipe, wood and wood with nails.  It is powered by the DeWALT 12V Max battery platform.

The only inconsistency we had was when it was over a non ferrous pipe and picked up a drywall screw, this would give it a reading of ferrous metal.  Scanning other areas of the wall will help you determine what is there.  The unit will also detect live wires that are not in EMT pipe.  Scan depth is about 3″ and the unit can be switched to the material you are working with.  For the contractor this tool will save time and money from day one and pay for itself instantly.  It has a standard 3 year warranty.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the DCT419 Wall Scanner from DeWALT.



  1. I think it is important to point out this scanner is for the contractor or someone who is very familiar with construction layout. Someone who has walked a hundred rough-ins from slab to roof and already knows about where things should be and why. This scanner will allow that person to confirm his/her suspicions.

  2. It is some cool technology. A like Dan mentioned being able to see what is behind a wall is a big deal. I have heard horror stories of cable installers hitting electrical lines, and water lines. You might think a wall is clear but the builder might have routed something through that wall and their is no obvious sign like a sink on the other side or electrical outlet.

  3. Couple questions Dan & Eric how does it compare to the Milwaukee m12 wall scanner? And more importantly… What the hell do you do for work?! $600 a month truck payment, Nest products on the wall, $15000 in property tax?! Big House Lots of toys! Who died and left you the keys to the city? Cough it up we want to know!

  4. Awesome I’m glad to see these back on the market. Why did Dewalt remove them from sale last time? I guess now I hope Dewalt will market them in New Zealand so I can actually buy one.

      • Yes if you guys would
        Compare it that would be awesome I am
        Looking into buying one but I have mostly milwaukee tools but watching some of the videos I feel that the dewalt might actually have the upper hand in this case. Also can it see through hardwood floor ? Like if you were trying to find a floor joist and the basement was finished ? And can it detect in floor heat lines in the concrete floor ?


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