Keter Rockwood Deck Box

You may remember we showed you the Keter Folding Work Table.  We were so impressed by the strength and the quality, we just had to get our hands on something else. Since you guys have been sending emails about what we think of their boxes and furniture, we decided to take a look at their deck box.  The Rockwood deck box is 150 gallons, which means it will hold a lot of stuff.  I am not going to go into too much detail, but there are a couple things I wanted to touch on.

First, this is a really good looking box.  For being plastic, I wouldn’t expect it to look so nice. Second, this is a quality box.  I like the fact they took a little extra design planning and added some metal reinforcements in the key places.  I think this is one of the reasons they can offer a 2 year warranty.  The box opens with an automatic open piston.  Not that the top is heavy, but it’s a great feature they added.  It is nice to know when the top is open, it will stay open and not close on you because of the wind.  Third, so far this box has proven to really protect all the items inside from the elements.

I have had this deck box for several months and in that time we have had a few good downpours and even a few inches of snow and everything has remained dry.  Not even a drop of water spotted inside the box.  This is probably one of the most important features to my wife and myself as we are storing many of our kids outside toys and sports equipment in there during the winter months.  And lastly the size is fantastic.  You can really fit a lot of stuff in the box.  Oh and one more thing, putting this together is super easy.  It took me maybe all of 10 minutes and all the pieces fit together and lock in nicely. So far this has been a great deck box. Check out the video below for more information.

I put the link to Amazon so you can see the reviews.  However I found it cheaper on Home Depot.

You can learn more by visiting Keter

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  1. Eric I have always found these flimsy, well the ones that I have looked at. The locking mechanism is not the best in a lot of these things. Either the slots or steel/plastic rods are not firm for long time use. I have bought a few during the years & same issues. I ended making one out of wood & lining the inside with plastic & nice trim, with rubber lining on lid to keep water & most moisture out. I still look at them at the big box stores, but am proud of mine. Laters TIA

  2. I think ive seen these at my local sams club before,been wanting one for a while to put my kids outside stuff in as well. Now i will defo be getting one.

  3. Is Keter owned by the same company that does Step 2 mailboxes? I have the Keter folding work table and it’s great for portability and faster than saw horses.


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