Tools You Should Buy From Harbor Freight


A lot of people give Harbor Freight Tools a rough time for a being a cheap throw away tool store.  Sure, Harbor Freight has some low-end tools but they also have some great tools for cheap prices.  Here are a few that I recommend:


Racing JackFloor Jacks –

You cannot beat Harbor Freight for floor jacks.  They have never let me down and get great reviews,  They are the same or better than 99 percent of the jacks out there.  Our favorite is the 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack.  Their pricing is awesome!


CaDigital Calipers –

The Harbor Freight digital calipers are a great bargain.  They have different styles and lengths, but they are usually around $20.  I have 2 of them and they are very accurate and have not failed me once. Check out Digital Calipers via Harbor Freight.


Moving BlanketMoving Blankets –

Moving blankets are great especially for sliding and protecting furniture.  Usually you can get them on sale for around $6.  They are good to have around or in your vehicle.  Check them out at Harbor Freight.


Precision ScrewdriverPrecision Screwdriver Kit –

For roughly $6 this kit will save you a ton of frustration when trying to fix small electronics or glasses.  The kit has a pretty much every bit you will ever need.  Check it out via Harbor Freight.

For home owners on a budget Harbor Freight is the place for you.  Sometimes its cheaper to buy the tool at Harbor Freight than to rent it at Home Depot.




  1. Harbor freight always seems to have quality tools for a great price. You just have to know what to look for. Thanks for the heads up for some great tools TIA!

  2. The harbor freight floor jacks are great. My friends brother has one and he has used t for quite a few seasons and he has lifted his one ton truck with it for over a week and it didn’t leak down any. His was a 1.5 ton racing one. Their digital calipers are great and have a lifetime warranty. Mine has been used a lot this year for taking measurements and it still works fine.

  3. 100% with you here. I have had nothing but success with harbor freight floors jacks. And for the price of there moving blankets when they go on sale? Come on, who can beat there prices?

  4. All the Pittsburg Pro sockets are good especially the impact sockets.
    Their jack stands are the same you find at Auto Bone for 1/2 the cost.
    I get all my smurf gloves from HF.

  5. I think Harbor freight for me when I find a good tool is amazing. That being said, they’ve had their fair share of letdowns too (Looking at you 12 volt auto defroster/heater).
    Harbor freight is like a long time friend. When they’re on their game, you’re proud to have them as a life companion. When they inadvertently kick you in the nuts, you have to just shrug it off by remembering all the good times you’ve had. It’s by definition a rather tumultuous relationship.

  6. Pittsburgh Professional mecahanics tool set too! its on sale for 199.99 at for the 301 pc kit! and it one of the best kits out there! Amazon has it listed for the full 270$ still.

  7. I’ve had good luck with safety supplies and nitrile gloves, I try and stay away from their power tools unless I know it will be seldom used. Never go there without having them try applying coupons!

  8. Its been over a year and Im still abusing my Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool and wood clamps. There are a lot of gems at Harbor freight. It saves alot of headache when you check the reviews on items that you want to buy.


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