The Winbag – Inflatable Shim


We came across the Winbag at Stafda 2013 and 2014.  It is a one of those cool little inventions that once you have one, you wonder how you ever got by without it.  The Winbag can be used for a multitude of tasks.  It can shim and hold things in place until you fasten them in, it can spread things apart, it can lift up to 220lbs.  The days of having your wife hold the washer tited back while you adjust the legs are over.

Just squeeze the pump to inflate and push the button to deflate.  The bag is strong and will hold up in almost any environment.  It gaps 3/32″ to 2″ and is perfect for door and window installs.  Check it out over on Amazon


  1. I’ve seen some Pop-a-lock guys have had this “specialty” tool for a while. Pull the door back a bit, insert the shim, inflate, stick a stick in to hit the unlock button.
    Never thought to use it for door and window install. Wonder how long it would last from punctures on a jobsite?

  2. Hey, guys–The Winbag has actually been around for years, and is also known as an “Inflatable Wedge”. It’s been in use by auto mechanics, tow-truck drivers and body shops. It’s available from various sources, including tool trucks (Snap-on, Matco, et al). Snap-on sells it as Part No. BF272 in the catalogue as a “door tool”. Using their description,

    “It offers safe entry in a lock-out situation without damage to the body finish. Slip the deflated unit between door frame and body, inflate the wedge by slowly applying pumping pressure to pull the door away from the vehicle body. Can also be used to gain entry by separating the weather stripping from the vehicle or to adjust body panels.”

    However, I like the uses you described. I’ll probably get one as a means to lift a washing machine to adjust the legs. It could be used to lift heavy objects so you could vacuum under them, too. It may also be used to position things during a project, when you would need a third hand. The Winbag will do the heavy or awkward lifting for me, freeing up my hands. Thanks!

  3. Looks a lot like the Inflate-A-Wedge (Part # LTI275) made by Lock Technologies and used to pry open car doors just enough to slip in a lockout tool.

  4. Guys the best comment is, not having our wives be our official shims or our place holders. It will also hold down on arguments. Honestly this looks nice for smaller tasks. They should make something bigger. I had to put some storm doors & it was b!+€# getting level & screwing in the place holders. Could this had helped? Maybe.. Will invest. Laters TIA


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