SENCO announced a new coil roofing nailer.  The nailer is said to be lightweight, well balanced and is speedy, like Speedy Gonzales.  Well they didn’t say like Speedy Gonzales, but my two sons have been watching old Looney Tunes and every time I hear speedy, I think of Speedy Gonzales

Senco has a new and innovative firing valve and power in, power out feed system.  What does this mean?  Not sure, but they tell us that it consumes 5% less air without compromising power or speed.  The RoofPro445XP can drive 12 nails per second and produces 324 inch-pound force at 100psi.


The RoofPro445XP employs a bi-metal driver blade that increases longevity. When the tool has to be serviced, users can quickly and easily access all wear parts from the top of the tool. Wear plates help reduce shingle abrasion on the tool’s body while the canister has a metal wear plate to mitigate friction and improve nail feed.


The RoofPro 445XP is ideal for asphalt and fiberglass shingle nailing, for both new roofs and reroofing. Also, this tool can be used for attaching waterproof tar paper, metal drip edges, insulation board, and, with a special optional attachment, vinyl and aluminum siding.


RoofPro®445XP 1-3/4” Coil Roofing Nailer Specifications

? Reg. Operating Pressure: 70-120 psi (4.8 – 8.3 bar)
? Air Consumption: 60 cycles per minute; 3.86 SCFM
? Air Inlet: 1/4” NPT
? Tool Weight: 5.2 lbs (2.35 kg)
? Tool Height: 10.9” (276mm)
? Tool Length: 10.6” (269mm)

? Fastener Capacity: 120
? Fastener Range: 3/4 – 1-3/4”
? Fastener Gauge: 11
? Shank Diameter: .120”
? Five-year limited warranty
? MSRP: $229



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