Milwaukee Power Source Review

Milwaukee Power Source Review

Every time I open my email, Milwaukee is coming out with something new to make our lives easier.  I will give it to Milwaukee, they don’t just sit around and talk about ideas. They have an idea and aren’t afraid to bring it to market.  Speaking of new products, Milwaukee put a twist on a previous product so let’s take a look at our Milwaukee Power Source Review.

Milwaukee Power Source Review Overview

Let’s face it, the world is much different today than when we grew up.  In our days if we wanted to learn something, we had to go over to the shelf, flip through the encyclopedia to the correct page and read.

Today we just talk into our phone and it will give us the answer in a matter of seconds.  In fact, you might even be reading this on your tablet or phone which means you are sucking up power.  With all our electronics we are tied to, we are still tied to finding a power source to charge up our electronics which brings me to the Milwaukee Power Source.

Milwaukee has had a power source on the market for a long time, but the new power source now lets you charge the battery.

Milwaukee Power Source Review Features


The Milwaukee power source still runs off their M12 battery platform.  In fact, this may look identical to previous versions but if you look close you will notice a new addition.  On the top, there is a micro USB plug so you can charge your M12 battery.  It has a 2.1A wall plug.

Milwaukee Power Source Review

As with the previous version, you can easily check the battery status right on the port.

Milwaukee Power Source Review

Good news is this has a DC Out which means you can use this with your heated jackets and heated hoodies.

The power port comes with a braided cord and a plug to use to charge the M12 battery.  It charges a 2 Ah battery in about 3 hours.

Milwaukee Power Source Review

While we all have a ton of power cords laying around, I am happy to see Milwaukee included a nice braided cord.  This should hold up for a long time.

Milwaukee Power Source Review Performance

I am not really sure how you gauge performance in a product like this.  I plug it into my phone, it charges and I am happy.  So for me, the performance is great.

What I really like about this system is the ability to use any M12 battery and I can swap it out.  The braided cord is a strong cord which means I will not be replacing it anytime soon. I do like how the power source has a battery indicator light so I can see how much power I have before I walk out the door.

Milwaukee Power Source Review Value

The Milwaukee Power Source retails for about $50 at Home Depot.  In regards to value, this is your call.  I think $50 is a hefty price tag especially since I can get a power bank for about $25 on Amazon.

However, the one nice thing about the Milwaukee Power Source is you don’t have to sit around and wait for it to charge.  Sure you can plug it into the wall and charge the battery, but if you have another M12 battery, you are set to go.

So convenience does play a big factor in the purchase and the perceived value of the Milwaukee Power Source.

Milwaukee Power Source Review Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee power port isn’t new to Milwaukee but the idea we can charge a battery is now a new feature.  While the price tag is a little hefty, the convenience might be worth the extra cost.  The 2.1 amps is a nice welcome to charge certain electronics faster.

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