Compressor Reviews

Are you in the market for a new compressor?  One question you probably have is what is the best compressor on the market?  This is a common question and one that can not be answered easily since everyone has different needs and different uses.  Almost every manufacturer makes a compressor, but not all compressors are created equally.  If you are looking for compressor reviews, you came to the right place.  Tools in Action reviews the top brands and the top models of compressors to help make your buying decision easier.  Want to learn more about air compressors?  Take a look at our air compressor buying guide.  If you still have questions after reading our compressor reviews, don't forget to talk with the TIA Crew in the Power Tool Forum.  There are a ton of professionals and knowledgeable people in the forum who are always willing to help.  Chances are if you are looking for another compressor review, one of the TIA Crew members have probably used and reviewed a compressor you are looking to buy.  Don't forget you can check out our Guide section and narrow your search down with more information about power tools.

Rolair JC10 – Proving more than just good cheese comes from Wisconsin

Compressors come from a lot of manufacturers and very few make an impression.  The compressor market is filled with rebranded Chinese junk and one...

California Air Compressor 4610A

As a consumer you have lots of choices when buying an air compressor.  One thing is for sure there are no shortages of manufacturers...

Rolair VT25BIG Air Compressor – Jobsite Tough

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand.  Rolair has been building quality contractor grade compressors since 1959....
Campbell Hausfeld Compressor

Lowes Campbell Hausfeld Compressor – 20 Gallon – HJ300299DI – Review

The sound of air tools, who doesn't like that?  Sometimes I catch Dan in his shop with his compressor running and an impact in...

DeWALT 15 gal 200 PSI Workshop Compressor D55168 – Review

  Compressors come in all shapes and sizes, for a workshop compressor you need a big tank to run your air tools and a high...

Dewalt Trim Compressor D55140

Compressors are always fun to play with as they run some pretty cool tools.  For a long time we have been wanting to test...

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