Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Review

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Review

Searching for an entry-level compressor and air tool set can be somewhat intimidating. How much do you spend? Do you really need both a brad nailer and a finish nailer? Thankfully Porter Cable has made it simple with their 3 Tool Combo Kit. While Porter Cable is known today as a budget-friendly brand, they still deliver quality and performance in an easy to use package that will have you wishing you would have purchased it sooner. Plus, you honestly can’t be in a bad mood when using air tools.  Let’s take a look at the Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Review.

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Overview

The Porter Cable 3 Tool Combo set includes a 6-gallon compressor as well as 3 tools: a finish nailer, a brad nailer and a crown stapler. The set also includes a 25-foot hose and two quick connect couplers which makes setting up a breeze. All of the tools are sold individually or in various other combinations. I have had this set for some time, however it is still available at Amazon or Home Depot.

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Features

The 6-gallon compressor model number C2002 runs on 10 Amps/ 120 Volts and has a Max PSI of 150. Weighing in at 30 pounds the unit was designed to be portable while still packing significant power. While the compressor is loud initially, it’s honestly quieter than most compressors I’ve heard. One of the features that stick out the most is the speed in which it fills. In just under two and a half minutes the compressor is ready to go.

The gauges are easy to read and the knobs are easy to set, making set up a breeze.

There are two outlets allowing the use of two air tools simultaneously.

The release valve is opened with a twist and is on the bottom rear of the compressor, and the quick drain plug is just under the adjustment knob on the front of the motor.

A common feature of the tools is the oil-free pump which enhances the life of the tool and eliminates the maintenance needed in earlier air tool models. Featuring an aluminum body with plastic accents all three tools feel sturdy and solid while keeping it lightweight allowing for long-term use without discomfort. The smooth rubberized grip also allows for a secure hold while working.

The finish nailer model number FN250SB uses 16-gauge nails from 1 inch to 2.5 inches long.

The brad nailer model number BN200SB uses 18-gauge nails from 5/8 inches to 2 inches long.

The nailers’ rubberized tips work to prevent damage to workpieces.

Both have a sequential style trigger requiring pressure on the trigger as well as the tip in order to fire.

The nailers’ have an easy to use nail housing mechanism, allowing for flat loading and the latch mechanism assures the user the nail gun is loaded correctly. Both nailers’ feature a 100-nail capacity.

The air exhaust at the back of both guns also allows for air flow to be adjusted which comes in handy in dusty environments.

The nailers’ feature a tool-free jam release mechanism within the guns that corrects the tedious challenge of removing jammed nails. This feature works well overall, however, periodically the release is controlled by springs that on the finish nailer have occasionally jammed themselves. It is an easy fix though, and with a smidge of grease the problem is resolved.

The crown stapler model number TSO56 uses heavy duty 3/8-inch staples from ¼ inch to 9/16 inches and features a dual trigger design. It actually can shoot 18-gauge brad nails as well, but I’ve never used this feature. Like the nailers’, it also requires no maintenance based on its oil-free design.

The bottom load design was easy to get the hang of, a simple push and a slight downward motion on the rubberized entry point allows the loading mechanism to slide out.

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Performance

My personal favorite feature is the tool-free depth of drive adjustment knobs allowing for a customized depth ensuring there are ideal results.  The knobs are simple, on the brad nailer the knob is on top, and on the finish nailer it is on the right side. A quick turn either direction adjusts the nail penetration up or down.  I often increase the depth of drive for furniture when I intend to fill it, but when aiming for flush set nails, these tools do not disappoint.

This set from Porter Cable performs consistently and its versatility is endless. Not only do they excel at their intended uses but there have been countless times I’ve reached for them when I didn’t expect to. From furniture building to home improvement projects this set has significantly improved overall efficiency of otherwise tedious tasks. While they aren’t meant for installing siding or heavy framing, don’t let that discourage you as they seem to be in constant use in my workshop.

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Value

The value of the set is where it shines as often times the initial investment seems to push people away from air tools. Porter Cable has solved this concern by bundling this set together at a price point that gives virtually everyone access to the benefit of time savings while yielding exceptional results. If you were to purchase these tools separately you would be paying somewhere between $50 and $119 a piece. Each tool on its own is well worth their price tags but combined as a set for just shy of two hundred dollars makes it a sure bet.

Porter Cable Compressor Combo Kit Final Thought

The Porter Cable company has been around for over a hundred years and certainly has their place in today’s tool market. While you can find tools with more features and power, their tools have earned their spot as a leader with homeowners and budget-conscious professionals alike. Outside of your basic drill and circular saw, this would be one of the top purchases I would recommend to new homeowners or those looking to explore the versatility of air tools without breaking the bank.


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