Ridgid Cordless Compressor R0230

Ridgid Compressor

The sleeping giant is at it again, this time with a pretty cool idea that is sure to impress the mass.  Ridgid launched a new cordless compressor.  Yes, you hear that right.  Ridgid has a cordless compressor.  The R0230 runs off of either (1) 18V battery or (2) 18V batteries.  Seriously how cool is that?

Now I know this isn’t for everyone, but there are a ton of people who I think will welcome this nailer.  For the professionals, it’s great for a trim guy.  You don’t have to worry about an extra power cord.  Plus with pneumatic nailers, they tend to be smaller than battery powered nailers so you will still be able to get into tight spots.  There are a ton more uses in the professional environment, but I am already sure you know who else can use this nailer.

For me, this is awesome for the hobby guy or the dad who has kids.  I am at the point in my life where I am basically always carrying around a compressor.  I am either filling up my tires out in the front of the house or filling up my kid’s tires or their toys.  I never knew so many things took air until I had kids.

Ridgid designed this with a brushless motor which means it more efficient and should last longer.  Speaking of efficient, according to Ridgid this can drive up to 1,200 nail per.  Not too bad.  On the bottom of the tank, there is a 1/4 turn ball valve to drain the tank when not in use.  On top of the unit, the numbers are easy to read and I personally like the fact it has a locking regulator knob so you won’t get air spikes.

The tank is a 1 gallon.  Now we didn’t time how long it took to fill, but it really didn’t seem too bad to get the tank up to 120psi.  I would have to say it was less than a minute.




  1. I think that it is awesome that they have brought this to market. My regrets stem from two issues… One, I do not own this battery platform, and two, I wish they had developed a unit with a lower decibel rating. It is, however, tools like this that tempt me into starting another battery collection.


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