Ridgid 200 psi 4.5 Gallon Electric Compressor OF45200SS

Ridgid OF45200SS

Ridgid is at it again with a brand new air compressor, the OF45200SS.  If you look at what Ridgid is touting with the air compressor, you might not believe it.  I was also reading some of the online reviews and people did think some of these claims were off, so when we talk about this compressor I will go over those claims and information.

First, let me tell you about this compressor.  The compressor is a 200 psi 4.5 gallon compressor.  200 psi is a lot for the size of this unit.  Also with 200 psi, you can do a lot of work without the compressor cycling on and off.  The unit puts out 5.1 SCFM at 90 psi, which is great.  When Ridgid designed this unit, they stuck not one, but two universal push to connect quick couplers on the front of the unit.  These offer a single handed operation to plug in, which is a great feature.  The unit has two tanks, but they are connected together.  Since there are two tanks, there are also two drain valves.  These valves are 1/4 in turn valves for easy operation.  There is also a locking mechanism for the pressure regulator.  All in all, a very impressive compressor.

Ridgid OF45200SS

Now I was reading other reviews and people complained about two things, well some people.  First Ridgid states this is a quiet compressor coming in at 77 dB.  The second thing is the unit is more compact and lighter.  So since people were complaining I would like to cover these two topics.  First is the noise.  Let’s face it, it’s a compressor, it’s going have some noise.  Is it the quietest compressor I have ever heard, no.  The noise is weird on this unit.  I can’t say it extremely quiet, but it’s also not loud.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but let me explain.  Normally with compressors, you hear a loud piston action or a metal on metal action that is loud.  While this one has noise to it, you don’t hear that loud banging.  It’s more of just a normal motor noise.  So while you can’t use this in a library, it’s much quieter compared to other compressors of this caliber.

Second is weight.  Ridgid states it’s lightweight.  OK, the unit is 61 lbs, so unless you are Hercules, this is still heavy.  What you have to understand that the unit is lightweight compared to other compressors of this caliber.  So you have to understand this in context.

So if you get this unit and expect it to be super quiet and super lightweight, you will be disappointed.  If you buy this compressor and understand what type of compressor you are getting and then you look at the weight and noise level, you are going to be extremely happy and pleased with your purchase.  I think Ridgid did an awesome job at making such a powerful compressor in such as compact design.




  1. Hi I’ve had a hard time finding out how some portable air compressor rating on drilling on spark plug holes. Aluminum heads. So how does the ridge model # of452000?


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