Bosch Compact Reciprocating Saw GSA18V-083B

Bosch reciprocating saw

Talk about a great addition to Bosch’s already great 18V lineup, the compact reciprocating saw is great.  As you can see this saw is more compact than the traditional reciprocating saws.  This makes it great as you can use this saw with one hand and have your other hand free to hold the piece of work you are cutting.  Also, you may notice this looks like some other compact saws on the market.

Bosch reciprocating sawEven though this is compact, don’t let that fool you as this is a beast and will keep up with anything you throw at it.  The tool only weighs 4.4 lbs which is much lighter than a traditional reciprocating saw.  The stroke length is a little shorter than the traditional 1-1/8″ as this comes in at .83″  On the front of the tool there is a LED light that is activated once you pull the variable speed trigger (0-3,050).  The LED light does a decent job shedding light on your work.  As you can see by the pictures there is a lockout button for safety.

While I love the saw I do have to note two things.  First, it doesn’t have an adjust shoe, which I wouldn’t expect on a compact tool.  However, I do have to announce that as I am sure some people will point out to me.  As far as changing the blade, it very easy and tool free.  Just turn the collet and insert the blade.  While it does seem you have to twist the collect kind of far, it pretty much a guarantee that the blade will never come up even under extreme conditions or when the blade binds.

Overall this is a great reciprocating saw to have in your arsenal.  Not only will it be a workhorse on the job site and perform a variety of tasks, but at your home with pruning and more.  Another huge winner from Bosch and a must have for your Bosch line up. Buy The Bosch reciprocating saw at Amazon



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