Worx JawSaw – Review

Saw in the Locked Position

We received a Worx JawSaw for review, we originally saw it at the National Hardware Show in Vegas.  Which I might add I am still paying off my credit card from that trip.  Last month a huge windstorm swept through the Chicago area 80mph+ winds.  I was sleeping and awoke to what I thought was a tornado, freaking out I grabbed my cats and headed to the basement.  When it was all over my patio set was in my neighbors yard and my new BBQ grill was on its side dented but still functional.  I jumped in the Mule and drove around to assess the damage.  My neighbors tree had fallen into my yard, what a mess.  I stood there for a while thinking how I was going to clean it up.  It was a days work easy with an ordinary chainsaw.  Luckily I had the JawSaw on hand, what a perfect time to test it out.  Most people that see the saw call it the Jaws Of Life as it resembles that tool.

I get out my extension cord and go to work.  On the first few cuts the chain had fallen off, I noticed that Ethan over at oneprojectcloser.com had the same issue.  It was easily fixed by tightening the auto adjusting mechanism.  After I tightened this, the chain never fell off again.  As with any chain saw you need to add oil to lubricate the chain, Worx included the oil and a bottle that makes filling the reservoir a snap.  The tool itself is a marvel of innovation. Basically you just place it over the limb release the safety switch power it up and push down.  It could not be any simpler and is a lot safer than a chainsaw.  The capacity of the saw is 4″ which was perfect for what I needed it to do.  It literally saved me hours of labor cleaning up the downed tree.  I had the entire job complete, with cleanup in just a few hours.  The JawSaw also saved my back as I did not have to bend down.

Our saw came with an extension that allows the saw to reach limbs up to 12′ high which can really come in handy.  However the extension really throws the saw off balance, so you have to be careful when operating it.

An experienced tree guy once told me that the minute a chainsaw hits the ground the chain dulls,  this is not an issue with the JawSaw, as you push down the chain swings across the limb without touching the ground.  I really felt safe using the saw as the 2 jaws protect the chain and minimize kickback.  The saw comes with a standard one year warranty. Any home owner can easily use this saw and it is a great tool to have on hand.  I highly recommend this tool.


  1. I was looking for a review for WorX JawSaw and I came across your review but in your video why do you say this is by Rockwell. This is by Worx. Rockwell doesn’t make a Jawsaw it makes a jawhorse. I would clarify this because I was looking for one by Rockwell and there is none.

  2. I am a 73 yr young grandma in Sun City, AZ. I live alone and had a 10′ orange tree that had died and needed removing. I can’t afford to hire someone. After seeing the infomercial for the JawSaw, I decided to try it for myself. I bought the unit and procrastinated for nearly 30 days – hesitant to try it for fear of being injured by it!!! Last week, I took down that orange tree in less than 3 hours. It was so easy, a child could do it! Yes, it takes a little bit of co-ordination, but after 30 minutes of using it, my co-ordination got really good!! It was FUN! I found myself looking for something else to cut down!! I cut those old banches small enough to put into my yard trash bin so my sanitation company would pick it up. I’m so grateful that I bought this tool. It’s GREAT!!!!!

  3. The chain came off the bar after very little user. The “self adjuster” does not work at all. After the first time of usage, it was set on a shelf and when the next need arrived I found all the chain oil had leaked out of the tank. It was a mess. When in use, it uses a great deal of oil. I am a retired military mechanic and find this to be a poor product. I was only looking for something for my tree limbs on my silver maple tree that fell after a storm. Thought this would be better quality but it is NOT GREAT and I would not recommend it to anyone. I am known for my tools and keeping them tip top. This tool is only good for one shot before you have to stand over it playing with the chain when it falls off. I got it for Christmas so I did not use it right away but had I been able to, it would have been sent right back.

    • Sorry to hear about that Gus. On our unit the chain came off and we tightened it up really good when we put it back on and have not had any problems since. Thanks for your input. The next time I use it I will take note of the oil consumption.

  4. Thanks Dan for your reply. I hand set the blade tension with the recommended clearance as per the manual. I filled up the oil tank and did some major tree trimming. when I was finished, I noticed that there was much more clearance ( the cutting blade was much “looser” so I re adjusted it). The tension bolt was very tight.
    Thank you for your input. will check tension and oil level every time I use it

  5. I need to know the difference and the plus and cons of the Jawsaw electric and battery powered. I see where the battery one costs a bit more. But not much is written about it. Please let me know which would hold up the best and be the best use for a strong hard working women with lots of trees. Thanks Phyllis Alvey

  6. I have a Workz cordless jaw saw. Initially, I wanted the power jaw saw (corded) because I felt there would be more power for cutting. However, I live in a rural setting with 6 acres. When consulting with a Workz technician it was confirmed that if I used an extension cord, the longer the extension cord the less operating power of the jaw saw. (I imagined using 600 yards of extension cords, so that was out.) I purchased two 20V batteries and the express charger. From experience, a normal charger takes several hours to recharge. The express charger does the job in 30 minutes or less (what a blessing). Because I purchased the jaw saw for clearing, the only complaint that I have is that it does not cut close enough to the ground with a horizontal cut and I still will need a chain saw to cut the “stobs” to the ground for safe mowing. Also, the chain kept falling off of the bar. I used a chain saw for several years with my husband so am most familiar with the mechanics. Thank you for the tip about the auto adjusting mechanism; if this works I will be delighted with the jaw saw. If this doesn’t work…well, at 64 years old…you know.

  7. I need a little advice. I love my electric corded Jawsaw from Work. I noticed that it doesn’t seem to be using much (if any) oil. My chain saw is always oily so I know the oil is getting to the chain. But with the Worx, the chain is dry. Do I have a defective tool? What do I do? I don’t want to have the chain seize or break. Thanks.

  8. Had it a couple years. Don’t let this Dan guy fool you , these things are junk. You will spend as much time putting the chain back on as you do cutting with it getting greasy hands in the process. That’s why you see discounted prices on them now. They would stop TV ads on them temporarily because of complaints then try to correct the problem then start advertising it again. There is no fix , the design is flawed and they are not making the one I’ve got anymore.

  9. On my jawsaw, It had 3 labels tape on.
    1, dont run without oil,
    2. don’t use if oil level is below this level.
    3. after every fifty cuts re-tension chain.
    I have a 96 gallon container for green waste. I run my jawsaw till I fill my container. Last job I did with it I cut a privet tree/bush, had some 3inch plus branches, took an hour , without jawsaw 4-5 hrs. This saw is not ment to be used all day 7 days a week. It’s a great home owners tool. And if some people are having chain problems, maybe the blade that guides the chain is damaged, they do sell that part. lastly I got a good deal on mine less than a hundred bucks with extension handle, but some sites said this model the plug-in is discontinued, and only the battery powered will still be available.

  10. Hi there
    I bought my first Worx Jawsaw cordless around 2 years again from garden centre here in Australia. It cut up iron and spotted gum tree branches no trouble. It went well for about 2 years then one day after fully charging the batteries, checking the oil and chain I went out to cut up some small branches the saw would not work. When I rang Worx Australia they didnt want to know me. In July 2019 this year I decided to buy another Worx Jawsaw on Ebay from USA as Worx here in Australia no longer sell them. I was so excited as I had so many bushes to cut up but my excitement didnt last long as this JawSaw lasted only 2 weeks. The Batteries was fully charged and had oil. The problem was with them it the switches. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Now I know why worx Australia will not import them. JUNK


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