ACDelco ARS1207 12V 3″ MINI POLISHER – Review


I needed to find a tool to buff Erics bald head, regular buffers were just to big.  I remember seeing a mini polisher at the National Hardware Show in Vegas.  The tool features a variable speed of 0-2600 rpm, uses 3″ pads and is powered by a 12V lithium ion battery.  It weighs about 1.9lbs and comes in a nice blow molded case.

Included in the kit is a 30 min charger, 3 sanding pads, a wool pad, a foam pad, a charger, a wrench for changing heads and 2 12V batteries.  The unit is basically the same as the impact and drill driver with a different head and no LED light.  As from our other ACDelco 12v reviews we have got good feedback for battery life and people generally like the feel of the product, it feels solid in your hand. The unit is variable speed and reversible. The included handle can be mounted on either side of the tool making it great for lefties or righties.

We received the tool and a few days later a huge windstorm blew one of my patio chairs into the side of my new truck and I needed to buff it out.  What do I know about buffers? Well for 10 years I worked at a Porsche and Mercedes Benz dealership and my friends called me Buff Master!  It has been a quite a while since I used my skills.  I found the polisher easy to use and quite powerful, it was great at getting in those tight spots where a ordinary buffer just won’t do.

I have to admit ACDelco is really producing some quality tools, everything we have reviewed from them is top notch and gets great feedback.  The pros love them and so will the DIY type.  ACDelco doesn’t skimp out on accessories and we love how they include 2 batteries and the included replaceable brushes is unheard of.  ACDelco is going to be a major player in the 12V lithium ion market with this new compact 12v lithium ion line.



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