Dewalt Impact Ready – DW2169


Having a good impact set is nice, but having a great one is awesome.  Now depending upon who you are and what your looking for this could either be a good set or a great set.  We think this will be a set you will love or hate.  Here is what we are going to do.  We all know how exciting an impact set can be to read and we know you have your coffee ready, finished your smoke and are ready for a nice long review.  Well sorry to disappoint you, this is going to be a quick review.

This set ran us about $30 and is a 38 piece set with about 30 of the pieces being a #2 Philips, well not that many, but there are a lot.  If your one who uses a #2 for a majority of work, then you will love this set.  Yes we know the #2 is the most common type of fastener for GC.  You also get 4 Deep Sockets with the set.  The bits are made from Shock Resistant Tool Steel, so they are made for durability.  One cool item Dewalt included was a 20 degree pivoting head, but once you get the bit in, have fun getting it out.  We like that these came in two cases, who doesn’t like small cases.  The case with the sockets has room for more sockets or other items you may want to carry around.  The black case for the bits is a hard plastic, its nice, but its not the Tough Case.  If you look at the picture below, you can see how the bits fit in the case.  While it looks nice, they are a pain to get in and out.  We found it better by taking out the yellow holders and letting the bits be free.  While it takes a little longer to find a bit, we could actually hold more in the case.



For the price its not a bad set.  If you love the #2, this is the perfect set for you.  If not, you get two nice cases to hold your bits you want.

We always like to hear back from our readers on their experience with these tools – good or bad.  Do you have experience with these tools?  How has the long term use been?  What applications have you used the tool for?  Is this a DIY or professional grade tool?  Let us and other readers know.





  1. I have the same set and use it with the dewalt 12v Max impact driver. I have had really good luck with the Dewalt impact ready bits. However I did break one of the #2 Phillips driving Tapcon screws. YMMV.

    • Its weird you say that. I was using it the other day and had the same problem. I had to really work at it and try everything to get it out. I finally had to grab some pliers and pull it out. I couldn’t get the sleeve to turn and release the bit like normal.


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