Wallboarder’s Buddy – Review


Are you a drywaller or just a weekend warrior who is drywalling a room in the house?  If so you may want to read this review.  Not to long ago we attended the Las Vegas Hardware show and found a pretty cool invention.  And if we are one thing, we love cool new things that make work easier.  This is called the Wallboarder’s Buddy and is designed to do just that, make your life easier.


If you have ever cut drywall you know that it is pretty easy, but takes multiple tools to make an accurate cut.  You have to get your tape measure, make your marks with a pencil, grab your chalk line, grab your utility knife, use your drywall square etc to cut just one piece of drywall.  Well the Wallboarder’s Buddy is the all in one tool, well for the most part.  With this tool you can get rid of all those other items we just mentioned and use this ingenious tool to make your cuts in a snap.  You will still need your tape to make the original measurements on the wall, but you won’t need the tape to transfer those measurements to the drywall you will be cutting cutting.  While it did take us a little while to get use to this tool, after we picked it up, we could makes cuts faster and more accurate then the old way.  You can use this on Drywall, Wallboard, Gyprock, Plasterboard, Sheetrock, Foam Board, Kerdi Board.

Here is how it works.  One the 28″ measuring guide lay a built in utility knife. The knife rocks back and forth which makes cutting in either direction possible.  On the measuring guide are large numbers that direct the user where to cut.  Take a look at the picture and you can see the measuring guide.  Once you know what length or width you want the final piece of drywall to be, just move the utility knife in position and lock it down.  You can now slide the tool across the drywall and make your score on each side of the material, yes it is that easy.  Like we said it did take a couple cuts to get use to.  One thing we think would make this tool a little easier is on the red guide at the top of the tool, two small wheels.  At times when we were moving the tool across the drywall, we didn’t always get a smooth path.  We think the wheels would make this a little smoother.  Not that this would stop us from buying the tool, but hey easier is always better for us.

In case you are wondering here are a couple of facts about this tool.  This system allows the user to cut drywall in length or width.  This cuts in either direction.  There is an on board blade storage system and you can change the blades without any tools.  There is also a lock feature so you don’t accidentally rock the knife in transport and cut yourself.


This is a cool invention, one we wish we thought of.  Cutting drywall is now a snap.  Not that it wasn’t, but this system does make it easier and quicker.  If your looking for a cool new tool that will save time, impress your friends and make your life easier, you should check this out.

We always like to hear back from our readers on their experience with these tools – good or bad.  Do you have experience with these tools?  How has the long term use been?  What applications have you used the tool for?  Is this a DIY or professional grade tool?  Let us and other readers know.


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