Brinkmann 4 Burner Gas Grill – Review – Spoiler Alert “IT’S CRAP”

finished product

Recently I had to purchase a new grill the $500 grills that I have bought in the past only seemed to last a few years before they needed a burner or a grate.  The prices for these parts are astronomical,  I said screw it I am getting a cheap gas grill!  I saw a Charbroil grill for $169  on sale at the Home Depot.  The grill was well worth the $169, the quality was good and it did everything I needed it to. I give kudos to Charbroil for making a quality affordable gas grill  A few weeks later some friends needed a grill and I told them to get the $169 Charbroil at Home Depot.  A few days later they called me and said they had got the grill, so I went to put it together.  When I arrived I was surprised as it was not the Charbroil I had recommended but a BrinkMann that they got for $149

Ok, no problem lets put it together, there was no model number and on the box and it said it had a preassembled cart, assembly is supposed to be a snap.  First of all the preassembled cart is just 2 weak plastic supports that lock into place, the plastic is weak and hardly supports the cart it.  The cart keeps falling in on itself, I needed an extra hand to hold it and I also needed someone to help me lift the upper grill onto the cart.  Finally after much elbow grease the top is finally on the on the cart, good thing we are inside because if it was windy it would topple the cart its so weak.

Next on the agenda was to screw it all into place, this was relatively easy except for the fact that 3  screws were missing.  The next fiasco was the side burner, the knob did not fit and when I slid it on it cracked.  By now its all together and I wheel it outside, afraid that its going to come apart I enlist a helping hand to help me take it out.  The lid is wobbly due to some stripped screws that were put on at the factory, another amazing fact about the lid is it flexes, yes thats right if you push on the lid it flexes, so cheap!  Next to the grates they are thin stamped metal and a few of them are already out of shape as you can see from the pics.  The bottom tray is not removable for cleaning, the only thing you can do is remove the small catch pan.  This grill is so cheaply built that I almost think it is dangerous and I can see it collapsing while in use.  I would not trust the side shelves with anything more than a paper plate.  This grill is terrible for $149 I would expect more, this is a $50 disposable gas grill all day long.



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