Win a Free Cyclops Toolguard Wireless Security Alarm



Win a FREE Cyclops Toolguard

All you have to do is come up with some creative ways you would use this alarm.  You can post the comments either below or in the other two areas:


We will announce the winner on Feb 29, 2012

Good Luck


  1. My man cave needs that. No my other man cave. That way when the door opens, I know me and my buddies need to keep it cool because it will be my wife. Like the review, sounds loud. Not as loud as my wife.

  2. I would use this on my chicken fence. I would set the alarm each night in case a fox or coyote got in. It would scare them plus let me know

  3. I would put this on my camper shell door or on mjy girl friend’s shirt so I know who has been sneaking
    a feel when I’m not in the room.


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