Werner Multi-Position Ladder

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

When it comes to ladders, you have a lot of choices.  However, for me, there is really only one choice when it comes to multi-position ladders and that is Werner.  Now I am not knocking any other brands but I have been using Werner for years and have trusted them.  I have found far less flex compared to other ladders which means better safety for me.  People falling from ladders is all too common so when I am on a ladder, I want the best.  So let’s take a look at the Werner Multi-Position Ladder.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder Overview

A while back we reviewed the Werner MT-26IAA.  For me, that was and is still the best ladder around.  I used it for my whole house project, inside and outside.  The ladder was strong, didn’t flex, has great build quality, and is easy to use, plus it was lightweight compared to their generation before.  How could they possibly make better on this ladder? Well, turns out they did.

They took a ladder that was already the best on the market and they changed the way we think and use multi-position ladders.  Werner designed a ladder like no other and really created the best of the best.  So let’s jump into some of the features.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder Features

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

The ALMP-20IAA is still made from aluminum which means it doesn’t weigh a lot and is easier to move around.  Since this is a multi-position ladder, you can still set it up like the previous model and use it on stairs and more areas.  You can pretty much reach any area and set it up in a wide variety of ways.

The Werner ladder has a holster top that securely leans against walls, poles, corners, and wall studs. The 5-in-1 design easily converts to an extension ladder, leaning ladder, double-sided twin step ladder, stairway ladder, or 90° wall ladder. Best of all, it has a Duty rating of 375 lbs.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

As with their previous model, they offer the same rung style and each rung has four points of contact holding it into the rails.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

The old model had J-hooks on both sides.  The new model only has J-hooks on one side and I will explain shortly why the ladder has this design.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

The ladder offers a safety catch to help keep the ladder together when using or transporting.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

Remember the older ladder where you had to push into buttons to open up the ladder.  Well, that is a thing of the past.  Now just press the levers together and you can open up the ladder with ease.

Here is one of the best features of this ladder.  Instead of trying to use the J-Hooks and open the ladder to a tall position, then try to raise the ladder.  Now the ladder only has a single J-hook where the user can pen up the bottom part of the ladder and then lean the ladder making it easier to use.

Once the ladder is up against the wall, you can now use it as an extension ladder and pull the rope down to raise the upper half of the ladder.

Here is an example.  You can see how it is leaning against the wall and then how the upper half will raise up with the rope.  No more struggling to raise a tall ladder.

As always, you can still set this up in the A-frame style.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

*Do not use a ladder this way.  This is for demonstration only.  Only to show what it looks like.

We have all had a ladder on uneven ground and that can be dangerous.  Werner designed it will a simple push-down foot and you can now make your ladder level.  Best of all, this is a design on both sides of the ladder.

Werner designed this ladder with a useful and practical top.  Not only does it help when you are using against a wall or corner or 2×4″, but you can hold tools and small parts when using the ladder.

You can check out the Werner Multi-position Ladder specifications on the Werner website.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder Performance

When it comes to performance, this ladder is head and shoulders above the rest. While there is a lot to love about this ladder, I want to touch on a couple of cool new features that make this ladder perform better than the rest.

Point 1 – When you extend a ladder, it should be stiff and not have much play while you’re walking up or working from a high point.  As with the previous model, this is very stiff and secure so there are no issues of any bouncing while walking or working from above.

Point 2 – By removing the second set of J-Hooks and using an existing ladder rope, working with this ladder just became so much easier.  No more trying to lift a long ladder by yourself.  Now you can truly use this as an extension ladder.

Point 3 – Having the quick press-in hinge lever also makes this much easier to open the ladder to the A-frame style instead of trying to press in the buttons like the older version.

Point 4 – The ease of extending a single leg to make the ladder more secure is a huge feature.  Not only does it add to ease of use but it adds to safety.

Sure there is a lot more to this ladder that makes it perform like no other but again, I just wanted to touch on a couple of key features of this ladder.  Werner has really done a great job by improving the overall use, feel, and design of this ladder.

Here are a couple of videos Werner released that really go over some features and also how to use this ladder.

How to use the Werner ALMP-20lAA

Werner Multi-Position Ladder Value

The ladder retails for $329 at The Home Depot.  So here is the deal.  I am just as money-conscious as the next person and I like having a good value and don’t like overpaying for something.  Yes, $329 is a big chunk of change. But when it comes to ladders and safety, I don’t cut corners.

So for me, I have no issues paying $329 for a ladder.  Because when I look at the quality, the convenience, the safety, and ease of use, $329 is a steal for this ladder.

Werner Multi-Position Ladder Wrap Up

The bottom line, ladders are necessary but they can be dangerous so always practice ladder safety and understand how ladders work.  So as with any tool, always be smart.  The older Werner ladder was already awesome in regards to safety, build quality, and use.  The new ALMP-20IAA is beefed up with steroids making this a no-brainer.  The ladder is just as high quality as the previous model but much easier to use and offers more features.  So if you are looking for a multi-position ladder, look no further, this is the ladder to own.


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