2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Best of the Best Gifts Ideas

Holiday Gifts

Before we jump into the 2021 Holiday Gift Guides – Best of the Best Gifts Ideas, check out our previous gift guides for 2021.

Well, we are at the end so let’s have a best of the best for gift guides for 2021.  Here is a list of some of the best gifts on our list plus a couple of extras we never touched on.



  • Name – Rapid Rope
  • Price – $15
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Rope might not sound like a fun gift but it is a practical gift and one we haven’t covered on any of our lists.  The rapid utility rope is handy for so many different tasks.  This is a very cool gift for the outdoorsman, homeowner and more.

2RTIC Tumbler

  • Name – RTIC Tumbler with Splash-Proof Lid
  • Price – $18
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – When it comes to tumblers, you have a lot to pick from.  For me, the RTIC is the best for price and performance.  This one has the splash-proof lid which it seems like all tumblers now have.  I have the old generation that didn’t have this lid, which I like better.  This is the 30 oz.  Remember go big or go home.

3Cowboy Boots

  • Name – ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot
  • Price – $150
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – If you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots, you don’t know what you are missing.  I bought a pair and it instantly increased my a** kicking by 60%.  I was walking down the street and this little girl was coloring on the sidewalk.  I kicked her chalk away and felt great.  Sure then she beat me up, but I looked at my reflection in the window and saw how great I looked with my boots, despite bleeding from my nose and mouth. Seriously I own these boots and they are the most comfortable boots around, plus they do look great.  Once they are broken in, they are like no other.

4Traeger Grill

  • Name – Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker
  • Price – $1,000
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I am pretty sure this was developed and designed in heaven.  Somehow, someone was able to reincarnate and bring this secret back to us.  This is one of my favorite items I won.  The build quality is out of this world, the taste is like no other and the experience is heavenly.  Do I need to say more?


  • Name – Pooping Pooches
  • Price – $17
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Practical gift?  Maybe, maybe not.  However, this is one funny gift.  Seriously if you can’t laugh at this one and find someone who would get a kick, well, not sure what to tell you.  I am buying a couple for some people I know.  It’s the perfect practical gift because it offers humor and organization.

6Ninja Air Fryer

  • Name – Ninja DT251 Smart XL Air Fry Oven
  • Price – $329
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – My favorite appliance in the kitchen.  I use this air fryer at least three times a week.  Very easy to use, fast heat times, and great tasting food.  I mostly use it for wings but it does everything and does it great.  The fryer is easy to use and high quality, well except for the font by the buttons that is coming off. But other than that, I love this fryer.  You can get a cheaper one or a smaller one but trust me, this is something you will use all the time.  I never thought I would use it this much, but I do.  Worth it to buy the bigger unit.

7Hot Dog Roller

  • Name – Olde Midway Electric 18 Hot Dog 7 Roller Grill Cooker Machine
  • Price – $150
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I love my wife but this might just be the thing that gets us divorced.  I really want this but she won’t let me have it, something about “we are not a convenience store”, I think, it’s not like I was listening. Talk about the most practical and best kitchen appliance ever, this is it.

8Travel Backpack

  • Name – Travel Backpack – Water Resistant Anti-Theft Business Large Daypack
  • Price – $49
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – The best travel backpack money can buy.  I use this all the time when we go to shows and more.  I even used this as my main backpack when I was in Switzerland.  The pack is high quality and has so many pockets which makes staying organized easy.  The two front pockets are key.  In the top one, I had my passport and other travel documents.  In the bottom, I had other items I would need to access quickly.  I was able to get a book, computer, a jacket, pants and so much more in this pack which is key when traveling from lower and hotter places to higher altitudes and cooler places.


  • Name – Bose SoundLink Revolve
  • Price – $165
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – When the times get tough and she is back to reality dealing with the screaming, whining, and crying, she can drown out the noise with this speaker.

10DeWALT 20V Drill and Impact

  • Name – DeWALT Atomic Compact Drill/Impact Combo Kit
  • Price – $150
  • Buy NowHome Depot
  • Description – When it comes to drill/driver and impact kits, there are a lot of great brands to pick from.  However, DeWALT has one of the best.  The balance, the comfort, and the power are great, not to mention at a price that is unbeatable for the quality of these tools.


  • Name – Nixon Time Teller
  • Price – $100
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – If you know someone who likes simple and elegant, this is the watch to own.  Clean and great looking, a perfect gift.


  • Name – Basic Fun Classic, Retro Handheld Football Electronic Game
  • Price – $24
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – Anyone over 40 knows this game.  I use to lay in bed at night playing this for hours.  This is a great retro gift to bring a smile to someone’s face.  While this isn’t the most expensive gift, I bet it’s the gift that gets passed around the most after it’s open.

13Meat Probe

  • Name – Thermo Pro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer
  • Price – $49
  • Buy NowAmazon
  • Description – I own this unit and it’s probably one of the best investments I have made.  This is a high-quality wireless thermometer.  No more do I have to keep running outside to check the temp.  With this thermometer, I can relax inside.  If you know someone who grills, this is a great gift.


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