Weber Slate Griddle

Weber Slate Griddle

So I would like to start by apologizing for something I said in the past.  At the time I said it it was true and still holds some truth today, but my opinion has changed.  Last year I reviewed the Weber Griddle and called it one of the best griddles on the market.  While back then it was true, I think I just found a better one: the new Weber Slate Griddle. It is one of the top griddles on the market, hands down.

Weber Slate Griddle Overview

So before I jump into the Weber Slate Griddle, the Weber Griddle I reviewed last year is still amazing and worth the purchase, but if you want to up your game, the Weber Slate Griddle is the way to go for multiple reasons.

My first griddle experience was with a Blackstone because everyone talked about how great they were.  While I was impressed with the cast iron griddle, I was not impressed with the overall product.  The stand was flimsy, the griddle didn’t lay flat, and I had problems with it starting and staying lit.  So when I had a chance to try the Weber, I jumped at it. I knew Weber had the experience and they make quality products.  I have owned that griddle for about a year now and still absolutely love it.  However, this new griddle is amazing and part of me will be sad to give the old griddle away to a friend. I took such good care of it and treated it like a family member, but it will be going to a good home.  Okay, enough about the old Weber Griddle, let’s talk about the Weber Slate.

When I think of an outdoor griddle, I think of a cast iron griddle on a stand.  The main features are the griddle itself and the side table(s), and the rest is usually an afterthought.  Well, that changed with the Weber Slate Griddle as you will see there is so much more to this griddle than just the griddle top.

Weber Slate Griddle Features

This Weber Slate Griddle* features a preseasoned, rust-resistant 36″ cooktop that is ready to use right out of the box, and features two fixed side tables, plus a foldable side table for even more prep space.  What makes this griddle unique, besides the preseasoned cooktop? Superior functionality that truly enhances the overall experience. (*There is also a 30″, three-element Weber Slate Griddle available.)


While I like the quality of this Weber griddle, I love the design.  I like the mid-shelf below to store serving pans and other items, so they are out of my way when I’m cooking.  Then when I do need them, they are easy to grab.  For other items I want to store away until needed, there is a two-door lower cabinet to keep them out of the elements.

While this griddle has a lot to offer, one of its standout features is the griddle itself. Weber uses carbon-steel that undergoes an extreme heat and pressure transformation, resulting in a case-hardened surface that prevents moisture penetration and stops rust from forming. Additionally, Weber pre-seasons the griddle cooktop, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. You can also use any metal utensils without worrying about scratching the surface.


Another great design feature is the ability to easily lift the cooktop off to give you access to the burners or anything you need to get to. It’s easy to remove and you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting pinched.

As with the other Weber Griddle we reviewed, the grease drain is in the front and I really like how Weber made the catch tray huge so you’re not changing it all the time.

Weber Slate Griddle

The griddle features four heating elements to ensure even heat distribution. Weber claims the cooking surface can reach over 500°F. I did find it had even heat distribution across the entire surface, from edge to edge (as expected, it was a bit cooler around the grease drain), but did not try to reach a maximum temp. Another design improvement over my previous Weber Griddle; the Slate Griddle is designed with wind guards to maintain its flame even in windy conditions.

Weber uses large control knobs that are easy to read and easy to use.  These are also used to ignite the griddle, which makes it more convenient and easier than other griddles on the market.

Yes, this is an excellent, high-quality griddle. But Weber goes even further to enhance the overall user experience. They designed the griddle with practical use in mind, adding several impressive features.

On both the left and right sides, you have the option to use the stainless steel shelf as is or remove the center and replace it with Weber Works accessories such as the Weber Works Caddy with Tray Lid (shown below), or the Weber Works Cutting Board. This flexibility allows you to create the ideal, tailored cooking station.

On the right side, there is also a folding table to give you more prep space. But if you do not need it, you can fold it out of the way.

As with other Weber Works accessories, the drink holder and utensil holders can slide on the handles, be placed on either side, or be removed.

So while the drink holder and utensil accessories are very cool, Weber takes it to the next level with Weber Works Prep, Cook, and Store System.  There is a Caddy with Tray Lid. You can remove the Tray Lid, bring it inside, load it up with food or other items, then bring it back to the griddle and set it in place. And the Caddy can hold everything from condiment bottles, spice jars, and any additional accessories you might need, making the flexibility and functionality truly unique.

The propane tank is stored on the bottom right of the griddle.  Along with a hook to keep the tank off the ground, there is also a fuel gauge. So you’ll never run out in the middle of a cook-out for your friends, again.

Another cool feature is the digital temperature display which shows the griddle surface temperature.

Weber Slate Griddle in Action

So to truly appreciate this griddle, you have to understand it is more than just a griddle, it is a true cooking station.  The way Weber designed this griddle is amazing.  They didn’t just think about cooking on a griddle, they thought about the whole cooking experience.

There are more than enough storage spaces and work surfaces for you to set up, prep, and cook your food. And with all the optional accessories, you can create a customized cooking station, perfect for you, more so than with any other griddle system.

I wish I had taken pictures of all the food I cooked this morning so I could show you the final results, but I was too excited to eat.  To see the Weber Slate Griddle in action, follow us on our social media channels and see what we cook up this year. It will definitely be one of my go-to cooking machines.

Weber Slate Griddle Final Thoughts

Bottomline there are griddles and then there are Weber Slate Griddles.  If you want a true griddle experience, a Weber Slate is your answer.  The Slate is high quality, versatile, easy to use, and produces amazing results with minimal upkeep. Whoever designed this whole system, needs a raise because it’s the best griddle we have seen.


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