36 in. Weber Griddle Review

Stand Up 36 in. Weber Griddle

Over the past few years we have witnessed a rise in larger, outdoor griddle cooktops, such as those that have been popularized by Blackstone. Today, we’re looking at a 36 in. Weber Griddle option. We’re reviewing this Weber griddle’s design, features, value, and yes, we’ll answer the question: “Is Weber better than Blackstone?”.

Also, in this 36 in. Weber Griddle Review is how it compares to other mid-range griddle cooktops. For instance, formerly the most common griddle options were small, plug-in countertop griddles often used for Sunday morning pancakes. That or large, expensive commercial flattop griddles found in restaurant kitchens or at hibachi restaurants.

The griddles we’re looking at today speak to the griller looking to tackle a new style of backyard cooking for a reasonable price.

Weber Griddle Review Guide

Alright, let’s dive into this Weber Griddle Review.

Weber Griddle Overview

Stand Up 36 in. Weber Griddle

We are reviewing the Stand Up 36 in. Weber Griddle (#44310401). This is a stainless steel, four-burner, gas-powered griddle. It puts out a max of 60,000 total BTUs designed to quickly rise to a searing temperature over 500 F.

Weber Griddle propane-powered

36 in. is the width of the hot-rolled steel cooktop. However, with the lid open and the side panels included, the 36 in. Weber Griddle measures 61.04 in. wide x 47.66 in. tall x 28.38 in. depth. Altogether, it provides 756 sq. in. of total cook space.

Want to learn more about Weber? Read our TIA article: A Look at the History of Grilling: Our Trip to Weber.

What is a Griddle?

A griddle is one large flattop cooking surface, as opposed to the grated cooking surface found on traditional grills. Griddles come in a few different forms, but this 36 in. Stand Up Griddle is designed for outdoor use and is great for backyard cookouts.

Traditional foods that come to mind when people think of a griddle include breakfast foods (pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns), smash burgers, fried rice, grilled sandwiches, and quesadillas. However, griddles can be used to cook a variety of foods, such as pizzas, English muffins, stir-fries, and more. They are also great for searing meat.

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Weber Griddle Design & Features Review

Per usual, let’s take a step back and check out this Weber Griddle from the outside.

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel construction is well done in my opinion. I immediately noticed how stable this griddle is compared to my Blackstone griddle that I bought two to three years ago.

Aluminized Steel Cookbox

The steel construction includes the aluminized steel cookbox. It’s durable and resistant to corrosion. This will help your griddle last for years.

Hinged Cover

Weber Griddle Hinged Cover

This simple, hinged cover protects your griddle throughout grilling season. It’s easy to remove and there are two hooks where the cover can rest while not in use.

Also, this cover is very sleek and compact. It makes it less bulky and easier to store.

Cast Iron Flattop

Weber Griddle cast iron cooktop

The great thing about griddles is the large, even heating that makes them particularly great for searing meat. The cast iron flattop helps with that even heat distribution and retention throughout the cooking process.

Locking Castor Wheels

Weber Griddle locking castor wheels

One difference between the 36 in. and 28 in. Weber Griddles is that the 36 in. has four locking castor wheels, whereas the 28 in. has two locking castor wheels and two larger terrain wheels.

While I prefer the larger griddle overall, I do wish it had the mix of castor and terrain wheels. The terrain wheels make the griddle easier to move. However, the four castor wheels aren’t too bad if you’re only moving the griddle at the start and end of bbq season.

Four-Burner Cooktop

The 36 in. Weber Griddle is a four-burner, while the smaller 28 in. model is a three-burner. Each burner is made from durable stainless steel. They are also high-capacity burners which allow the grill to quickly heat-up to its max temp of 500+ degrees.

Side Panels & Storage

Weber Griddle side panel and utensil storage

Side panels extend from each side of the griddle. First of all, this provides ample prep space. Second, each panel has two knobs, which means altogether you have four knobs/hooks to hang your griddle equipment and utensils.

Weber Griddle storage shelf

There is also a storage shelf under the griddle that extends across the whole underside.

Large Capacity Grease Tray

I don’t know if Weber was trying to brag, but apparently, the Weber Griddle features an exceptionally large-capacity grease tray. I’ve even heard it’s the largest capacity grease catcher out there. Either way, this grease tray is more than large enough to handle the grease from each cookout.

Weber Griddle Grease Trap

You’ll find the grease tray under the griddle on the left side. The grease collects in the trap under the griddle and funnels down into the grease tray with disposable liners. The grease tray easily slides in and out for easy access.

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Weber Griddle Performance Review

I mentioned earlier that the 36 in. Weber Griddle is very stable. The high-capacity burners did their job and the griddle came to temp within 10 minutes. The griddle also held its temperature throughout cooking.

For our Webber Griddle test run we cooked up some bacon for BLT’s and made our own chicken fried rice. Both turned out great. The chicken breast cooked-up properly and had a great seared color. Everything was delicious!

How to Use Your Weber Griddle 

  1. Open the griddle cover and rest it on its hinges.
  2. Double-check that you have a clean cooking area.
  3. Turn on your propane.
  4. Turn the burners to your desired temp.
  5. Grab or prepare your ingredients while the Weber Griddle comes up to temp.
  6. Coat with your cooking oil of choice and allow it to heat up.
  7. Get cooking!

It really is straightforward. I recommend an infrared grilling thermometer to ensure your grill is at the correct temp. Other than that, just make sure your Weber Griddle is seasoned before you use it.

Not sure how to season your Weber Griddle? Well…

How to Season Your Weber Griddle

Check out this Weber step-by-step video tutorial on How To Season Your Weber Griddle:

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Is Weber Griddle Better Than Blackstone?

I know this is what you all are wondering. So, how does the Weber 36 in., four-burner Griddle compare to the comparable Blackstone Griddle? Lucky for you, I have worked with both. For me, the answer is a resounding yes, the Weber 36 in. Griddle is better than the Blackstone Griddle. Here’s why.

Weber Griddle PROS:

Sturdier: The Weber 36 in. Griddle is sturdier than my Blackstone Griddle, which wobbles a lot more.

Lighting: I always struggled with the burners on my Blackstone Griddle. The flame was always hard to control. Sometimes I turned the flame on high and it was too high, pretty much unusable. Other times, I’d crank the flame and it wouldn’t get full enough to heat the griddle.

The Weber Griddle turns on easily with the turn of the dial. The griddle is properly heated in minutes.

Griddle Condition: My Blackstone Griddle came warped. I contacted customer service, they told me that the griddle was fine and that I just needed to use it about seven times. Well, I have used it more than seven times and it’s still warped after all these years. On the other hand, my Weber Griddle arrived perfect with a nice, smooth cooktop.

Heat Transfer: Side panels tend to heat up when using the griddle. The Weber Griddle isn’t immune to this, but the side panels are still usable. However, the Blackstone side panels got so hot it overheated anything I set on them.

Blackstone Griddle PROS:

Paper Towel Holder: I suppose the Blackstone had to have one leg up on the Weber Griddle. However, I’ll do without the paper towel holder if it means a better product, like the 36 in. Weber Griddle.

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Weber Griddle Value

You can buy the Stand Up 36 in. Weber Griddle for $579 from Weber’s Amazon store. Weber also sells a smaller 28 in. Weber Griddle if you’re looking for something smaller or more affordable.

Yes, both the 28 in. and 36 in. Weber Griddles are more expensive than the comparable Blackstone 36 in. Griddle, which is $449 on Amazon. However, I think it’s clear from my negative Blackstone Griddle experience above that I would absolutely invest the extra money for a Weber Griddle instead.

That is my general statement when comparing the 36 in. Weber Griddle to other griddles/flat top grills found on Amazon, or at retailers like The Home Depot. Yes, they’re cheaper and may work well enough. However, I’m very impressed with this Weber Griddle and believe the price reflects the quality.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, these mid-range griddles can still top out pricewise around $1,000. At $579 the 36 in. Weber Griddle offers a lot at a good price point.

Weber Griddle Accessories

Weber is a great company that offers a ton of accessories for their products. Here are a few we recommend for the Stand Up 36 in. Weber Griddle:

Check out more Weber accessories and Weber recipes.

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Weber Griddle Final Review

Yes, I’m a grill man. So, I’m a little bit biased. But I’m really happy with the 36 in. Weber Griddle. Not only did I have a better experience with this griddle than my Blackstone, but it was honestly a good experience all-around. I’m also enjoying the new foods I can easily cook-up on the Weber Griddle.

All-in-all, the 36 in. Weber Griddle is great quality griddle. It’s easy to use and performed well for us. The price point is also decent for a high-quality griddle.

So, now I ask you: Are you intrigued by griddles? Would you try the Weber Griddle? Do you already have one? Let us know what your favorite foods to cook-up.


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